Olsten Pay Stubs & W2s

Olsten employees can go online to view their pay stubs and year-end tax statement. According to Olsten payroll office and web resource, all current employees, including temporary employees, contract employees, can access AdoMyInfo (My Info) from any device with an internet connection. “My Info” website will allow you to access your pay stubs and other company documents that Olsten Staffing Services upload. This is not the only way to retrieve your pay stubs. You will also retrieve your pay statement summary via text messages. Just send a text message with your last four digits of your SSN and zip code at 904.323.3430. Your W2 will be mail out in the last week of January of each year to your home address. If you have any questions regarding W2s, you can call at 1-866-528-0707.

If you are a new employee, you must ensure that your name, SSN, and Zipcode have been entered into the “My Info” system by your payroll administrator to register a “My Info” account. So you can try to access this portal two weeks after your official start date. To register, follow the steps below-

• You can start by heading to www.adomyinfo.com.
• Log in with user ID and password. (Your user ID is your email address and password you have chosen when creating your account)
• New employees can start by clicking on the Create Account link. This will link to the account creation page.
• Enter your First and last name and select a verification method. There is two option (SSN and Vendor/contractor ID) you can choose anyone. If you decide on SSN, it will be asking you to enter your last four digits of SSN and postal code. If you choose Vendor/contractor ID, it will be asking you to enter this ID and click Continue.
• Enter your email address as a user ID and chose a password.
• You will select from a list of security questions, and you will enter the answers to the security questions.
• Finally, review and submit your information. Once you have completed the account setup process, you will be brought back to the home page and login with your new username (Email Address) and password.
• On the main menu, select the Paystub icon.
• After this, a list of available pay stubs will appear. Click on the desired pay stub.
• A printable version of your pay stub will be displayed. If you want to print the pay stub, hold the Ctrl button and press P. If you need a pay stub for income verification purposes, you may do it online through www.theworknumber.com.
• If you need further assistance, contact the Olsten payroll call center at 1-866-528-0707. If you are having difficulties logging in after following the instructions above, please don’t leave without comment.