Kindred Healthcare Pay Stubs & W2s

Kindred Healthcare is the leading provider of skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and hospital service in the United States. According to the payroll office and official website, the company is no longer connected to the TALX paperless Pay service. But the company also ensures that they continue to provide online self-service and will no longer be emailing or mailing your payroll information. Only the community care PCA employees in Taxes and Missouri will continue to receive their pay stubs by mail.

Knect website will allow you to access your pay stubs, year-end tax statements, and other benefits information. You will also find out essential references and links in this portal. All active employees of Kindred have access to this site through the office and home and are already registered for use. Pay stubs will be available to view and print before the day of the actual pay date on this portal. W2s will be available to view and print in the mid of January on this portal, but a hard copy will be mailed in the last week of January (no later than 31st January). 

Getting Started

You have been provided a PIN and personnel number for your initial log-in. If you do not have one, please collect it from your payroll office and follow it. After navigating the REGISTRATION page using the mentioned link-, provide the First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Personnel Number, PIN, and email address and click the “Verify” button.

Then you can set your Password from the automatically appearing Password screen, following the requirements and instructions correctly.

Once done! You will see several tabs labeled Pay Stubs, W2s, and Direct Deposit, etc. Click on a desire tab and view or print your desire to pay stubs or W2s.

How to Access ESS?

To access your pay stub information, sign on to the Knect ESS by heading to (Kindred Healthcare team members) and (Kindred at Home team members) or use okta

 If you have never used this system, you will need to log in with a username and password (same as your normal intranet ID, which is the first 5 letters of last name + first initial of first name + 2 numbers, for example- narezs02).

Enter a secondary email.

Select and answer security questions.

Select a security image you wish to use and finally click on create my account.

Once logged in, Click on SuccessFactors (Home Health) app icon at the Work tab.

Now you have to complete the Voice Call Authentication process.

To unlock your account, you can call the payroll administrator at (877) 836-2626 or call the Kindred HUB at 800-991-6171.

Reference (Kindred Healthcare team members) (Kindred at Home team members) (Okta).