Stein Mart Pay Stubs & W2s

Dear STEIN MART associates– you can choose an option from the direct deposit or pay card (powered by Money Network service) to get paid early without cost. Even there is no hidden charge. If you do not decide to select an option for your payroll within 30 days of your employment, you will automatically enroll in the payment card. If you have selected the option to deposit directly into the bank account, your first check will be a paper check, and your pay stub will be attached to the check. However, you can also choose to view your Stein Mart pay stubs and W-2s statement online without cost. But if you choose the payment card and optional paper statement option, you have to pay $2.95 for monthly paper statements. You will view and print a statement of earnings and year-end tax statements only on The E-payroll services are available for registered users only.

To access E-payroll

Want quick and easy access to E-payroll? You have to visit the Paperless Pay-payroll website. The Paperless Pay E-payroll website address for the Stein Mart associates is So the address you can enter into the browser’s address bar, then your browser takes you to the Paperless Pay login page. You will be asked to enter an employer Code = 11915 when you are using


Click on Click Here to Login and Enter your social security number as a user ID and the PIN you have changed during security enrollment. If you have any issues logging in, you can call the help desk at 1-888-783-4663.

New user

To get started for the first time, you will need to log in with SSN and temporary PIN, which is your DOB in MMDDYYYY. You will also be required to complete the six steps of risk-based authentication. Once you have completed the risk-based authentication, you may log out.

Consent for Electronic Delivery

All associates will be prompted to select the delivery options during the first time login. To get the form electronically, you have to give consent for electronic delivery. If you have not previously consented, you can do now. It is simple-

  1. Click on “Go Paperless Today
  2. Read and accept the disclosure notice for online delivery and tick the “I understand and accept the…” check box.
  3. Click on “Accept and Continue”
  4. Setup and verify to receive a notification email from Paperless Pay and click on Submit.
  5. To check your setup, click on “Test Now” and view your statement online.

Employment Verification

According to the Stein Mart HR office, all employment verifications are online through, and you will not charge for this service. For proof of your employment, give the following information to the person who requested your proof of work.

  1. Web address/Phone number: 800-367-5690
  2. You social security number
  3. Stein Mart employer Code: 11915

For proof of income, you have to create a salary key. To create a salary key, go to and click on Employees. You will be asked to provide your employer code 11915, SSN and DOB, etc.


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