La Quinta Inns Pay Statements & W2s

La Quinta Inns is a subsidiary hotel chain of Wyndham Worldwide. La Quinta, Wyndham Destinations, and its subsidiaries can also access W2s and pay statements online. Wyndham takes the safety of employees’ personal data very seriously. As a result, the company has selected the ADP service to distribute the pay statement and W-2s online and on time. And also set the Work Number to handle the employment verification. To obtain your W2 statement online, a self-registration process and consent for electronic delivery are required. If you consent to electronic delivery, you will not receive a paper copy of your W-2. You can access and print your Form W-2 using ADP self-service portal. Basically, electronic delivery provides access to the W-2 statement earlier than traditional mail delivery.

How to Access La Quinta Inns Pay Statement & W2s online

  1. Log in to the ADP self-service portal at
  2. If you are new to the ADP, complete the self-registration process. Click on the SIGN-UP button.
  3. Enter the Company Passcode, which is WWW-1234, and click on Go in the next step.
  4. You can easily send the verified info to create your account if you have a capital one account. Otherwise, click on Enter Information.
  5. Enter the required information to identify yourself. Click on Continue.
  6. Enter your contact information and verify your email address and phone number with the verification code.
  7. You will be assigned a system-generated user ID in the next step. You have to create a password at this stage.
  8. You have also selected and provided an answer for a series of security questions and click on Register Now.
  9. Once registered, you have to log in using your newly created user ID and password. Then the Go Paperless option will appear. Click on Yes to continue. [Alternative- Click on Go Paperless under the “Resource Center, Things You Can Do” link]
  10. Read the agreement and agree to the terms. Click on, I AGREE.
  11. Enter the confirmation code and click on Save. This will take you to the Thank You page.
  12. For more information, call 1-800-376-0841 or email


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10 thoughts on “La Quinta Inns Pay Statements & W2s

  1. I no longer work for this company anymore. So i need to change my address to get my w2 form. The new address is 246 Apt. Court Dr Apt # 184 , Baton Rouge , La , 70806. Thank You

  2. I worked for la quinta in Ely nv. And I need to get my paycheck stubs, I never got a username or password, .

  3. Yes my name is Kimberly Washington and I work for Laquinta Inn in Tyler Tx property # 53435 , I never received my W 2 at address 11662 W 1st Ave # 4 Tyler Tx 75706 could you pls mail it to me , my email is thanks

  4. I want for La Quinta I need my W2 I tried getting into the ADP and it doesn’t let me get in how can I get my W2 I moved so I don’t have the same address

  5. sorry I meant to say I used to work for La Quinta I need my W2 how can I get my W2 online I tried getting on the ADP and my username and password doesn’t work so how can I get my W2 and I don’t have the same address I moved

  6. I’m needing help getting my w-2 from Laquita North in KC MO
    Store# 53006
    My w-2 was in my car and got stolen
    I need to file asap
    Please help

  7. Hello,

    I used to work at La Quinta Inn by Wyndham Denver Cherry Creek ( Colorado). However, it is permanently closed. I have never received my W-2 form. I have called Wyndham headquarters and they did not help me at all. they keep transferring me to different agents.

    Can you please help me.

  8. Hi,
    I used to work at 61200 S Hwy 97, Bend, OR 97702, and never got, or lost, my login info. Is there an email address that I could send an email to to get a copy of my W2?

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