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JBS (a majority shareholder of Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation) make staff resources available to all its staffs at work and at home. Therefore, as a team member of JBS Pilgrim’s you have the option to access your pay stubs and W-2s wages and tax statement online. In order to access your pay stub or W-2 and tax information online, you must use the TALX paperless Pay or Tax Form Management website. Do not enter your information in other website to access your pay stub or W2s. Please note, the Tax Form Management or Paperless Pay Corporation never ask you to put your password into an email message, but scammers will. Therefore, do not share your password and confidential information with others. To start follow the following steps-

To Access Paperless Pay/Tax Form Management

Step One: Log In- You will need the following information about yourself and the JBS.

Web address: https://paperlesspay.talx.com/ or https://mytaxform.com

JBS Pilgrim’s Company code for Paperless Pay/Tax Form Management: 11543

8 digit Employee ID: your employee ID is six digits, so you need to add two leading zeroes to be 8 digits.     

Therefore, you have to visit an address, the loading page will be ask for your employer code then enter 11543. Once entered the login page will appear, click on Click Here to login and login your employee ID PIN.

Step Two: New user- First time user’s need to complete the more steps and change their password. Which is also known as six steps risk based authentication. Once you have completed the risk based authentication, you will login on a regular basis at this portal.

Step Three: Consent for Online Delivery– You have provide to a consent for electronic delivery of your pay stubs and W-2s. Otherwise your W-2s will be mailed no later than January 31st, to your address on record and pay stubs will be available at your work station.

Step Four: View and Print– After providing the consent for online delivery, you can click on Test Now button to see a preview and print out. New pay stubs will be post on the evening before the day of pay day and new W-2s statement will be post on 24th January of each year. Therefore, to view your pay stubs or W-2 click on the view link then it will be open as PDF format then print it off.

Request for correction/ Reissue W-2: you may request for correction or re-issue of your W-2s after February 10th through Tax Form Management website or payroll office. For more information about paperless pay or Tax form management call at 1-800-951-3729.     


JBS Pilgrims Paperless Pay

Tax Form Management

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  1. I am trying to get my W-2 from pilgrims pride. I have relocated and have left several messages with the HR department Elberton GA. Pilgrims Pride plant. If it has been lost in transit could Pilgrims please resend to Michael Goolsby P.O.Box 3596 Logan Ut. 84323. We stay in a RV park and receive our mail at this po box. The physical address at the RV park is 2020 South Hwy 89-91 Logan Ut. 84321 Thanks

    • If yall still need to receive your w2 I will give you the steps.

      1. Click the link titled (tax form management) above.

      2. Put in either the employer’s name or employers code (11543)

      3. Put in your employee ID if you do not have it click (forgot) and enter the required information.

      After all information is verified and you login on the left side click tax forms that’s it.

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