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Ceridian access has been discontinued since the last day of November 2019. Since the 1st December 2019, pay stubs had been distributed online through OMS/CAP/ESS. The only current employee can access this portal when they complete the registration process of their account. Once done! They can log in to CAP/OMS/ESS immediately. Note [user name will be your personnel number and password will be what you create during the setup of your account]

Setup an Account

Go to the ESS website (See New REFERENCE) and click on the Register link.

Enter your information, including personnel number, the month of birth, last 4 digits of SSN, and the first letter of the Last Name (uppercase) to verify your identity. Click on Next.

Enter your phone number, email address, and click on Save. Once done all the required steps, you will be delivered a welcome message to your email address. Then you’ve to click on the “Complete Account Setup” link.

Established a password of your choice and select a few security questions and provide an answer for them. This will be used to recover your password when you forgot.  


Login to your account with the personnel ID and password you’ve created dur of your acc setpoint.

Once logged in, click on the Paystubs tab from home and click on the desired date. The Paystubs tab is located at the bottom of the mobile web and top on the web.

Select the date from the left side menu, and then you will be required a password to view/download your pay stubs, which are the last 5 digits of your SSN followed by your 2 digit month of birth and the first letter of your last name in uppercase. Example: SSN = 543-21-2345 Birth Month = January (01) Last Name = Smith – 1234501S.

Now enjoy!

The W-2 forms will be available online for active associates on or before 01/31/20 and mailed by 01/31/20 for Compass Group individuals no longer employed.



Mobile Web:

ESS Web- Register

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  1. can you please review my paycheck stub they taking a payment out from voluntary program as far I know I am not enroll in any voluntary program so please don’t charge that thanks
    I work for ingredients compass group

  2. Jessica Lindamood  |  

    I cannot log on to Ereports.Ceridian.Com/CompassGroup. It does not recognize any email I put in and it has also locked me out. Please help.

  3. I am locked out of my account due to the fact of to many log in attemps. I have a new email address. I do not have access to the old email address.

  4. Hello, I am a former employee I went to retrieve my W2 on ceridian.
    I can get in, but when I got to W2s it says documents not found like somebody wiped me out of the system. It also was my first time accessing the website.

  5. I been trying for over a week to get my pay stub and trying to reach my boss to get one an no one doesn’t return my calls and been trying to log on the the web site to get my w2 or my stub an I cant even get on there so please help me I need to get on it just keeps telling me that I had tried to many times . I nedd this pay stub june 2018 please just email it to me

  6. I would like to know of a way to access my past paystubs and possibly my W-2. any other way to find to access this information without having to go through managment because they dont know is what i get when they ask.

  7. I am an employee who is out on FMLA and my employee ID is locked so I am unable to get in to get my W2’s can you please let me know what I should do thank you.

  8. Camille M Dellavedova  |  

    I’m trying to login to website so I can print my W2. Forgot my password.When I get my temporary password you must cut and paste, I do not know how to do that. You should be able to just enter the temporary password. I would appreciate help with this matter.

  9. I was employed with Compass Group in Washington for the past year 2018 and into the new year for a brief period at a Texas location. Neither have sent me my w-2 yet and I was just wondering how I might access them for my taxes.
    Thank you,

  10. Travis Goddard  |  

    Worked at a Bon appetite off shoot of compass group for amazon. I left in the early part of 2018 and never received a W-2 I did receive my tax info for my medical benefits and they were tax forwarded. So I was a little frustrated when I learned from an old co-worker they had already received there’s and I have no way to access it via Ceridian without the proper code.

    Any help or info would be appreciated because whenever I have tried to contact Ceridian no one answers the phone or has attempted to call me back.

  11. I continue to have difficulty logging on to the Compass websites. Ceridian is no longer an option… can’t get any helpful assistance when I call the Tech phone #. I was able to get in once, but NOT after that…. although I have the info that was set up. This is frustrating – and my Mgr is not able to help.

  12. I am a former employee that’s trying to get access to my check stubs. I’m being told that my email is not recognized. Help me please

  13. This whole thing is bullshit, I can not do anything to check my pay stub and stuff. I am hearing impaired and I can’t on the phone that good. I still want my pay stub thru the mail like we always get it. Not very happy with the whole situation. The problem is their compass web site is screwed up after I did the register for the first time and got another email for complete set up which the web site is not found. I am sorry but like I said I am not happy about it. Thank you very much for your help.

  14. Hello I’m trying to change my address for my w2 for 2019 I no longer work for company and can’t seem to get any on at the number provided to help me

  15. Karen L. Merritt  |  

    Tried to register at ESS. App. took information and after clicking next it shut down without setting a password or security questions. Cannot register as it says there is already an account for that employee. Cannot “reset” a non existent password and cannot use “forgot” password because no security questions were set. I have not been able to access either paystubs or W2. The last paystub I received was for 11-8-2019 thru 11-21-2019. Contacted Manager was told contact IT. IT does not answer, recording says contact manager. Please stop the run around and fix your system or e-mail me my paystubs and mail my W2 to PO Box 3374, Bandera, Tx ASAP thank you.

  16. I work for compass since august last year 2019 and I don’t have a pay check stub available or the access to the w2 form is secured with a different password the stubs should be visible I have none

    covit19 situation need the company ein to register at and insurances seriously not happy

  17. rebecca Kull  |  

    I work for Levy Restaurant and am trying to print my W2″s Could you please help me I finally found this link Thank you for your help in this matter Thank you for working!!!!!stay safe and healthy

  18. Ellie Solhjou Khah  |  


    I need assistance with my 1099-MISC form issued by Compass Group. I called HR but the call was interrupted in the middle.

  19. When I try to log onto the Compass Associate Portal Dashboard (to see my pay stub) I’m told I need to reset my password. After I go through the security process I’m told to check my email for further instruction on how to do the reset. BUT the email never comes. I’ve tried several times—I’ve waited an entire day—but it does not send the email. I believe I had this same problem when I initially set up my account and had to go through a manager or something to get it working. Evidently there is something wrong with your system and you need to get it fixed. The dashboard would be a useful feature—if it worked.

  20. My name is Javonne Thomas. I am an ex employee of compass group. I need my paystuds from 2019. How to I go about getting them. Thank you.

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