Compass Group Pay Stubs & W2s

Ceridian provides compass groups employees/associates with information on their yearly taxes and other deductions. Therefore, employees/associates may visit the Ceridian website to view their current and pay W2s information. Once you have select the electronic delivery of your tax statement, you can download whenever and however you need it until opt-out. On the other hand, you bio weekly/weekly pay statement will not available online. But you can request for a pay stub via phone. Call at 1-877-311-HRHR (4747), press 2 and select option 6. You will also collect your pay stubs from your manager.

Access your DDA & W2s

Year-end tax statements are processed through the Human Resource Department, but this information is accessed via the internet. Therefore, you will be able to view and print every year-end tax statement for last three years and the tax statement for current year will be available at least seven day prior to mail delivery. If you prefer to receive a paper W2s, you should opt-in “I want a paper copy”. To access online, follow the following step by step instruction-


To login into the CERIDIAN system, simply go to Ereports.Ceridian.Com/CompassGroup. Enter your login ID (eight digit personnel number- most of personnel number is 6/7 digits, if your personnel number is six digits, then you should include two leading 0 and one leading zero for 7 digits) and password (the initial password is two digits birth of month+ two digits birth of day and last four digits of your SSN).

Setup Security Question

Select and provide answer for the five security questions. This answer will be used to recovery your account when locked or inactive.

Change Password

If you are login with initial password or temporary password, you will be prompted to change the temporary password. Password must be 8 digits in length.

Sign up to stop receiving paper statements

To access your statement online click on “Sign up to stop receiving paper statements” and check the delivery option. You can only setup W2 delivery option.

View Pay Stubs

To view your pay stubs, click on “View My Documents” then select “Check/DDA” from the dropdown menu titled “Document Type”, then select date and click on Search. Then available pay stubs will be displayed, Click on [View] link. A new window will be display your pay stubs.

View W2

Click on “View My Documents” then select “W2” from the dropdown menu titled “Document Type”, then select year and click on Search. Then available W2 will be displayed and click on [View] link, this will be display your tax statement in the next window. You can also send your w2 statement directly to the H&R Block to submit your tax return by clicking “Send to H&R Block”. You will be required for a scan copy of your SSN and a scan copy of tax return (last year).    


Need assistance you can call at 1-877-311-4747 opt 2, opt 6 or email to

If you are locked out, click on Need help logging in? You will be retrieve your account using security question. If you have not set up the security question, you will receive a temporary password which will be expire in 30 minutes.



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  1. can you please review my paycheck stub they taking a payment out from voluntary program as far I know I am not enroll in any voluntary program so please don’t charge that thanks
    I work for ingredients compass group

  2. Jessica Lindamood  |  

    I cannot log on to Ereports.Ceridian.Com/CompassGroup. It does not recognize any email I put in and it has also locked me out. Please help.

  3. I am locked out of my account due to the fact of to many log in attemps. I have a new email address. I do not have access to the old email address.

  4. Hello, I am a former employee I went to retrieve my W2 on ceridian.
    I can get in, but when I got to W2s it says documents not found like somebody wiped me out of the system. It also was my first time accessing the website.

  5. I been trying for over a week to get my pay stub and trying to reach my boss to get one an no one doesn’t return my calls and been trying to log on the the web site to get my w2 or my stub an I cant even get on there so please help me I need to get on it just keeps telling me that I had tried to many times . I nedd this pay stub june 2018 please just email it to me

  6. I would like to know of a way to access my past paystubs and possibly my W-2. any other way to find to access this information without having to go through managment because they dont know is what i get when they ask.

  7. I am an employee who is out on FMLA and my employee ID is locked so I am unable to get in to get my W2’s can you please let me know what I should do thank you.

    • If you have previously registered, you can click on “Need Help Logging In” button to reset your password and account. You will be ask for answer two security questions that you have set up during first login.

  8. Camille M Dellavedova  |  

    I’m trying to login to website so I can print my W2. Forgot my password.When I get my temporary password you must cut and paste, I do not know how to do that. You should be able to just enter the temporary password. I would appreciate help with this matter.

  9. I was employed with Compass Group in Washington for the past year 2018 and into the new year for a brief period at a Texas location. Neither have sent me my w-2 yet and I was just wondering how I might access them for my taxes.
    Thank you,

  10. Travis Goddard  |  

    Worked at a Bon appetite off shoot of compass group for amazon. I left in the early part of 2018 and never received a W-2 I did receive my tax info for my medical benefits and they were tax forwarded. So I was a little frustrated when I learned from an old co-worker they had already received there’s and I have no way to access it via Ceridian without the proper code.

    Any help or info would be appreciated because whenever I have tried to contact Ceridian no one answers the phone or has attempted to call me back.

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