How to Access Panera Bread Pay Stubs & W2s Online

This is not a promotional article, but I have to say at first that your employment with Panera Bread LLC is not bad. However, this article will focus on how to access your pay stubs and W2s online. According to the Payroll Department of Panera Bread LLC, the company has utilized the Workday self-service portal to control your personal, vacation, and pay information since 2015. But if you ask for payroll record/tax information from earlier 2015, it is still available on Ceridian’s self-service portal. Your pay period contains two consecutive work weeks, and you will be paid on a bi-weekly schedule every other Tuesday.

Access Workday

As an employee of Panera Bread LLC, you will be automatically enrolled in the Workday self-service portal. The Workday self-service portal is an easy-to-use tool that provides your pay statements and w2 information and can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I want to maintain it, and you will receive a notice.
To access Workday, visit (see Resource)
Once you are on the Workday Login page, Login with your username and password. The username and password are the same as the Panera Connect user ID and password.

If you have an Android or Apple mobile device, you can use Workday apps to access your payroll and tax information. Apps are always better than browsers. So, to install the workday app from the Google Play Store or iTunes, click on the following button-

Once installed in the Workday app, type Panera bread on your first login, and use your Panera Connect user ID and password to log in.

To access your W2s from 2014 and it’s earlier, visit the Ceridian self-service portal (See Resource).

Panera Bread benefits login

26 thoughts on “How to Access Panera Bread Pay Stubs & W2s Online

  1. Trying to get W-2 tax form for 2018. I am not still employed with Panera Bread but i need to access my w-2

    1. Hello my name is Gabby villa I’m not longer employed by Panera but I need my w2. Can you email it to me?

  2. Why am I getting a run around from Panera Bread when it comes to getting my w-2 form mailed to my new address?


  3. I haven’t got my w 2 form mailed to my new address. What is the problem. I need 2018 w 2 forms to.

  4. I haven’t received my W2 and wondering if you could send in my email or address on my file please.

  5. For anyone wondering how to get your w2 online from Panera LISTEN UP…. now that I have your attention go to your Panera workday login if you still remember the username and password. Once you login go to the Little stack symbol next to your picture on the top right hand corner and click on it. Go down to where it says workday and click on it then go to where it says Applications under it will say pay click on pay. It will bring you to two options that say payslips and my tax documents. Click on my tax documents and there is your W-2s. Click print/view and you’ll be able to pull up your W-2s. I hope this helps 🙂

    1. I need to get my 2020 w2 and I am no longer an employee. I cannot seem to get into my old Workday account. Can you help?

    2. The only issue with that is, if you are a former employee and don’t have the workday app or if you are trying to login, you need “organization ID” or Panera’s “tenant” number in order to continue logging in.

  6. The only issue with that is, if you are a former employee and don’t have the workday app or if you are trying to login, you need “organization ID” or Panera’s “tenant” number in order to continue logging in.

  7. What is the deal I told panera bread I had a different mailing address. I can’t access it through workday because I don’t know the password or anything someone please send my w2 form to me this is wrong. My address is 1433 stubby oaks rd aberdeen nc 28315

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