Dot Foods Pay Stubs & W2s

There is a login system for employees and associates of Dot Foods companies, including Dot Expressway and Dot transportation, to access pay stubs and benefits links. To log in to the Dot Foods share point site, they have to have a Microsoft account and password provided by the Dot Foods staffing coordinator. There is another web portal connecting to ADP access to your payroll information and other apps. However, according to Dot Foods policy, paydays will be twice a month, and your payment will be ready to be direct deposited to your account approximately five working days from the end of the pay period. A direct deposit is an available option for all employees. If you are eligible for the paystub portal, you will add or update a direct deposit account through this site.

Access through PayStub Portal:
1. To access the paystub portal for Dot Foods, open a new browser window, and navigate to Please use the copy-and-paste option (see Resource).
2. Enter your Employee ID
3. Enter your PIN and click Sign In.
4. If you are a new user, click on First Visit? Register Now link.
5. Submit your Employee ID, date of birth, and the last three digits of a social security number.
6. Create a 4 digits PIN.
7. Logging with your Employee ID and PIN. And add your email address and phone number.

Access through TALX paperless PAY
1. open a new browser window and navigate to
2. Click on click here to Login
3. Enter your Employee and PIN.
4. If you are a first-time user, use your default PIN. You will then be prompted to complete the registration process. During this process, you should verify your identity with personal information, set up security questions, establish a new PIN, etc.
5. Upon completing the registration process, you can access your pay stub at

Access through the Okta website
1. Go to (see Resource)
2. Enter your network username and password. If you are a new user, you have already received the payroll department’s username and password.
3. Add an email address if available.
4. Set up security questions and answers.
5. Set up a security image and click on Create My Account.
6. Upon completing the registration process, you can access your pay stub and others.

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