Dot Foods: What does Dot Foods do?

There are many foodservice redistributor companies playing an important role with providing food and non-food related products in different restaurants, industries, hospitals etc. Dot Foods is a very renowned foodservice redistributor company as well as the largest in the great United States. They are delivering products in LTL that means Less Than Truckload quantities to their customers. They are providing almost 112,000+ products from about 830 food industry manufacturers in 50 states and 25+ countries. They are providing their service for about 55+ years with a good reputation. Now they have eleven distribution center with the Headquarter and a corporate sales office in the U.S.A. and providing service with bearing the Dot Food’s promises as trusted values, innovative solutions and shared growth.

Dot Foods
Dot Foods is always renowned for enriching with innovative solutions on behalf of the development of sales and profits of food industry, but their main concept is food redistribution from the foundation of the company.
Normally, Dot Foods have contact with 830 manufacturers and those manufacture companies supply their products in full truckloads to Dot Foods. Then Dot Foods assemble those products and redistribute in less truckloads from the main nine distribution center to the operators. By the way Dot Foods don’t take extra cost when they distribute or sells but they have contact with the manufacturers.

Dot Expressway:
Dot Expressway is an online service of Dot Foods. This is the most hitting website of food industry with 1.4 million hits per month after launching in 1997. Consumers can get access through sign in with completing a form and then logging in with an Expressway username and password provided by the admin. Then they can confirm orders, check buying history and search products catalog in every day and every moment of a week. By this way consumer can get access more than 830 suppliers and about 118,000 products. They can enjoy this service through tablets or mobile devices and can customize buying, know company information etc.

Dot Transportation:
Dot Transportation is a subsidiary transportation service of Dot Foods. Now-a-days it is also developing in parallel way with Dot Foods. Now Dot transportation has a large fleet of 1100 trucks. All of these are maintained by Dot transportation’s staff and in their garages in different places. For transportation service they have different types of drivers as Customer Delivery Specialist Driver, Team Driver and Doubles Driver. All of them are working here for six reasons as Competitive salary, Variety of job types, extensive benefits, variety of schedules, highly developed Volvo equipment and great relationship among co-workers as managers, supervisors and drivers. By the way Dot transportation is a grown up subsidiary industry of Dot foods.

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