Advance Auto Employee Pay stub & W2s

Advance Auto parts, CARQUEST and WORLDPAC team members/associates; The People Center allows you to review payroll, personal, benefits and print pay statements and w2 forms. The People Center is web-based program available at work computer. Pay stubs will be available on the evening before your pay day and W2 forms will be distributed no later than January 31 of each year. But you will have access to your W2 form at People center before the physical distribution. No longer subscription at Ceridian payroll system. But you will access your old pay statement and tax statement from Ceridian payroll system. To access, follow the instruction below to log into your account then click on the My Reports tab located at the top right side of the home page.

Step to view pay stubs and W2s

Begin by accessing the People Center portal- The People Center portal is available at your worksite.

Log in using your Advance user ID and password. If you do not have advance user ID and password, contact with your manager. If you need to have your password reset for Advance user ID, you can contact at 1-8000-310-4243. The HR support center representative will ask you to enter your store number and six digits team member ID number.

Once logged in, you will see the main screen which is organized by My Home, My Learning, My HR, My Performance and My Reports tab.

The most recent pay stub will be presented first. Select the pay stub you wish to view/print.

If you have any questions regarding your payroll or benefits, you can contact the HR support center by phone at 1-800-380-4681 or email at


Advance Auto Parts.Com


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  1. Store 6013 is the store I work at and I want to know if there is any other way to obtain past check stubs OUTSIDE of going into the store to view them?
    I need a series of stubs.

    Help please and thank you

  2. This system is very unprofessional!!! My last two checks have been wrong. The people center has not been updated and i can not view recent pay stubs. The last one available is in 2018… You would think with a name like Advance Auto Parts, they would be a little more advanced… Smh. Just goes to show that corporate only cares about themselves, not their employees… Who wants to help start an Advance Auto Parts Union. Make sure everyone gets fair treatment, and well compensated for all the battery, and wiper installs. Scanning vehicles, and free services we do, not corporate. Decent pay for how much work is actually expected by corporate… Whos ready to be compensated for the time and effort??? Join us.

  3. I need my whole pay check direct deposited.I also need my federal withholding taxes taken out of my total check that is direct deposited.Also withhold the maximum allowed.

  4. hi,

    my name is William Christopher Wade and i am trying to get a hold of my W-2 from when i worked for the company in 2018. my team member number was xxxxxx. and i worked at Store 2610.

    thank you.

  5. I worked at store 4059, and i am trying to get my paystub from April to all june from 2019. Not trying to go to in the store. Any other way outside of the store that i can get them please, need asap!

    Thank you.

  6. I did not receive the 6 hours I was short on my 12-13-19 check I am not waiting another two weeks to get it I am going to the labor board Monday and file a claim .I want my money now.

  7. I need to have federal taxes taken out of my earnings. Currently no federal taxes are being taken out. Even though I’m married take federal taxes out at the higher single rate.

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