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Paperless Pay will not be used for new pay stubs and W2s (the year 2018). KNECT new self-service portal allows you to access your pay stubs, tax statement, and W-4 information online since 1st June 2018. Paperless Pay will be used for only historical pay stubs and tax statements. KNECT new self-service portal is a secure website for employees working at Kindred health care, RehabCare, NPORT, and other Kindred associates. You will also find out essential references and links in this portal. All active employees of RehabCare have access to this site through the office and home and are already registered for use. Pay stubs will be available to view and print before the day of the actual pay date on this portal. W2s will be available to view and print in the mid of January on this portal, but the hard copy will be mailed in the last week of January.

To access your pay stub information, sign on to the KNECT ESS-

From the office/KNECT intranet, the following URL will take you to the Employee Self-service portal
From Home/through the internet, the following URL will take you to the same Employee Self-service portal
If you have never used this system, you must log in with a username and password (same as your regular intranet ID).
Enter a secondary email.
Select an answer to security questions.
Select a security image you wish to use, and click on create my account.
Once logged in, you will see several tabs labeled Pay Stubs, W2s, Direct Deposit, etc. Click on a desire tab and view or print your desire to pay stubs or W2s.

Reference (office intranet) (from home).

4 thoughts on “RehabCare paperless Pay

  1. I can’t login into my account to get my w2’s. It’s saying it’s locked, how do I recover my account to get my w2’s?

  2. I am trying to get my W2 form. I no longer work for Kindred/Rehabcare. My last day was May 2018. Please let me know how I can get my tax form. Thank you.

    Jenny Schmelzle, PT

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