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How to Access Werner Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

Modern technology has conquered the whole world. With the contribution of technology, the world is now in the hands of people, as technology has brought people to the pinnacle of development and made complex tasks easy. Science is a significant contribution to human civilization, and the total contribution of science to human welfare can be felt from daily experiences. Earlier, various multinational companies used to complete payroll processing manually. But now, it is done automatically through different payroll processing software or online portals. An organization’s payroll reports can be for a single pay period, such as bi-weekly or monthly, and more extended periods, such as quarterly or annually. Each organization provides each employee with bi-weekly or monthly pay stubs and year-end W2s. Which contain information on how much the employee earned, how much tax was paid, and what deductions were made. Moreover, as per the users’ needs, summary reports are generated on many topics.

Werner Enterprises, Inc., a giant in the USA trucking industry, distributes Pay Stubs regularly to its nearly fourteen thousand drivers and employees engaged in transportation and logistics services through the company’s self-service portal.

All drivers and employees associated with Werner Enterprises have their year-end tax or W2 statements mailed to their home addresses, usually on or before January 31st. If a W2 form is missing or has not arrived after the deadline, or there is any other problem, please get in touch with the payroll department at this hotline number (800-227-6849).

Access to the Driver Portal of Werner Enterprises

  • All the drivers and employees working at Werner Enterprises can get their essential employment details, including paychecks or pay stubs, fuel network, terminals, scores, etc., from the driver portal. Completing pre-retirement formalities and various post-retirement benefits like dental, vision, and health insurance, etc., are also known here. To log in, visit this portal link (https://drivers.werner.com/), provide your username and password, and click on the “Log in” button. Then explore your desired paycheck or pay stub under the “Payroll” option on the left of the portal’s homepage and download it if needed.
  • Still wondering? Don’t you have the username and password of this portal? Well, no problem. Create your Username & Password by completing the registration process and following the simple and user-friendly instructions below.
  • Visit the “New User ” link from the login page and provide the required information for your identity verification, such as employee number, last four digits of SSN, tractor number, and last delivered trip ID correctly, and click the “Next” button. In this step, create your credentials, like username and password, and click on the “Submit Registration” button. In the next step, click on the “Continue” button providing your contact number, email address, and all other details. In the last step, check your provided email and click on the link sent from the driver portal system to complete “Werner Enterprise Employment Verification.”
  • Now the login page will appear on the screen. Finally, complete the login by providing the username and password created during the registration process. Now, explore the Driver Portal Dashboard and enjoy this portal’s features.
  • Are you worried about forgetting your password? Recover or reset your password easily by following the instructions below without any worries.
  • First, enter your username in the username input field from the portal’s login page and click on the “Forgot Password” link. Then provide the existing email address in your account and reset the password through a link sent to you by email from the system.

Disclaimer: The Werner and Werner logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Werner Enterprises, Inc.

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