Tidewater Staffing Pay Stubs & W2s

Tidewater Staffing, Inc. is also known as TSI for short. The company was established in 1992 to provide skilled and dedicated staff for ship repair, manufacturing, and warehousing in Southeast Virginia. Tidewater Staffing currently has a vast network of experienced and trained staff, controlled through 5 offices located at Suffolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach. Terrell Moses is the vice president of the three offices at Suffolk, Portsmouth, and Newport News, and Sean Banks is the vice president of the two offices at Chesapeake and Virginia Beach. According to a popular website called Owler, the company has an annual revenue of 24.4 million. The company also won the “Safety Standard of Excellence” award given by the American Staffing Association in 2020. However, the central theme of the current report is to discuss how Tidewater staffing distributes pay stubs and w2s forms to its employees.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is what we know as the Digital Revolution and is now a function of the economy on an on-demand basis. A few years ago, workers waited in line at the HR office to collect their paychecks. Again, they had to go to the bank and wait in line to convert the check into cash. This situation has changed because of the current digital revolution. Employees no longer have to wait in line to receive their salaries; it is now directly credited to their bank accounts. Almost all organizations, big and small, start from the onboarding of the employees and complete the pay stub, W2 form, or other benefits using the online platform form. Let’s look at what Tidewater stuffing workers do in this age of the digital revolution.

Tidewater Staffing hires VerifiedFirst.com to check the background of newly hired employees. However, other onboarding tasks of the staff are done manually. There is also no online platform for distributing pay stubs and tax forms to employees but distributing pay stubs and tax forms (w2s) to employees via email. W2s documents are usually distributed to employees via email in mid-January each year. Contact your nearest office if you haven’t received an email from Tidewater Stuffing. For more details, you can contact these numbers-

  • 757-543-0100 – Chesapeake, VA
  • 757-247-0100- Newport News, VA
  • 757-391-0100- Portsmouth, VA
  • 757-935-5935- Suffolk, VA
  • 757-671-7823- Virginia Beach, VA

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  1. This is Peter s t e l m a c h. I work at Elizabeth River recycling.( I was just wondering, when do y’all email/ send out my W-2s so I can file my taxes soon as I can? Thank you

  2. How come y’all did not take any federal taxes out the whole year of 2022 on me. I want to file my taxes today they said y’all did not take out new federal taxes now I owe the IRS $4,000 y’all need to fix it I told you all at the beginning of the year to change my status from zero dependent to one. I worked all year expecting a tax return and y’all never took any taxes out on me where did that money go I want to know I will be calling you all again on Monday y’all really need to fix this

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