B&R Stores Pay Stubs & W2s

B&R Stores is an employee-run supermarket chain founded in 1984 by Rush Raybold and his partner Clayton Burnett. When Rush Raybold retired in 1997, his son Pat Raybold was appointed CEO of the company. B&R stores are currently available in multiple cities across Nebraska and western Iowa and are headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska. The company has several supersavers, including an Apple Market in Cairn, Nebraska, and Russ’s Supermarket. The company presently has more than two thousand employees, of which more than one thousand are owners. That is, the company shares its profits with employees. It also provides other benefits, including 401k, health, dental, and vision insurance for all employees. So far, there has been a little argument about B&R stores; now, the main topic of this report is how employees at B&R stores receive their pay stubs and W2s form.

A pay stub is a part of an employee’s paycheck, which is a document of how many hours an employee has worked in a given period and how much they have been paid. It contains a description of an employee’s total salary, the amount of tax deducted, and the amount deducted for various insurances. Pay stubs are distributed at the end of each pay period. Paystub is also used for several important activities in daily life, such as home loans, mortgages, child support, apartment lease, income verification, filing of non-employment benefits, etc. On the other hand, the W2 form is distributed at the end of January every year, although some companies start spreading it in the 2nd week of January. The W2 document contains details of the total salary received in the year and a half and the amount deducted in various sectors required for the tax return.

According to the information I have at the moment, B&R Stores sends its employees the W2 form by postal mail to the employees’ home addresses. If the employees need to change their home address, they have been asked to go to the payroll office, fill up the prescribed form, and submit it. Otherwise, the documents will be sent by postal mail to the registered home address on or before January 31. You can call (1-402-464-6297) for details.   



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