Sutter Health Pay Stubs & W2s

Sutter Health employees have a great opportunity to access Lawson’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal through Microsoft’s Azure MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication). As a Sutter Health employee, you can know all information about your pay statements from this Employee Self Service (ESS) portal, but first, you must be registered in Azure MFA. Then completing this Multi-Factor Authentication from an outside network, you can get access to the portal. This is called access from off-campus, which is more secure.

How to get access?

  1. Opening your web browser, navigate to, and automatically you will be redirected to, a sign-in portal of your company (Sutter Health).
  2. Input your Sutter health account, like [Suppose Michael is your Sutter health user name], and then click on the Next button. If your inputted account is invalid, then there is another option for you “Use another account.”
  3. Then input your Sutter health Password in the Password field and click on the Sign In button.
  4. Now provide valid information according to the instructions and requirements on the screen, then click Next.
  5. Now you have to complete Additional Security Verification. So select Authenticating way as phone and country from the dropdown list and provide your valid phone number. Besides, select send me a code by text and click on Next.
  6. Now you will receive a code on your provided phone number and input it on the input field, then click on Verify to complete your verification.
  7. You will see a successful message on the screen and click on Ok.
  8. Finally, you will be redirected to and provide your Sutter Health Username and Password to sign in.

W-2 Statements

Form W-2 statements- Sutter Health employees are authorized to access the Ceridian Self-Service portal. Access rights to this portal are only for authorized users, and unauthorized access to this portal is completely protected with proper functioning and monitoring. Users’ access rights and data are controlled by their employers of different companies in this system.

Self-Registration process

  1. As a Sutter Health employee, go to
  2. Click on If you have not already registered, click here to start the self-registration process.
  3. Enter the Email address and Company Access Code and click on Submit. [You have to collect the Company access code from your employer and provide your Email address to your employer so that they can file your Email address.]
  4. An Email will be sent to your Email address, which contains an activation link, and within 24 hours, you can create your User name and Password by clicking on that link.
  5. You can log in to this portal with your User name and Password and view your documents.

How to view W-2 Statements

  1. Click on View My Documents
  2. Select the W2 option from the dropdown list under the Document Type menu
  3. Then select your desired year.
  4. Click on the Search button.
  5. When your desired W2 appears on the screen, then click on the [view] link
  6. Finally, you will find your W-2 statement in a new window.

If you want to send your W-2 statement electronically to H&R block, click on “Send W2 to H&R Block”. You will need to scan a copy of your SSN and Tax return for the previous year.

Sign Up to Stop Receiving Paper Statement

If you want access to your Documents online, you have to click on “Sign up to stop receiving paper statements.” You will find W2 and select the W2 delivery option in the Delivery option.


3 thoughts on “Sutter Health Pay Stubs & W2s

  1. I was employed at Sutter Health from 3/18 to 8/18. I have not received my W-2 yet. I have a payroll check that was sent to the wrong address and was just given to me. It is from March 2018. I wanted to ask if you would please honor it and replace it with new one. I know this is a crazy thing to as ask, but i am hoping you will please send me a replacement check. I have a picture, but unable to attach it. could someone contact -me about this please.

  2. I am a retired Sutter employee. I am in need of a 2021 W2. How do I go about getting either an email copy or a Hard “snail mail” copy?

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