Manpower Pay Stubs & W2s

Are you looking for your pay stubs and W2s? It is available online through WebCenter. With this WebCenter online app, you will be able to view and print your pay stubs. This year, Manpower team members may choose to view and print their Form W-2 online. It is also the same place where you view your payroll information. WebCenter provides access to multiple tools, including assignments, time cards, pay history, year-end tax statements, and other essential employment documents. Follow the instruction below to get what you are looking for.

Getting Started

To access WebCenter, you must have a WebCenter ID. You can contact your manager if you don’t know your WebCenter user ID. According to Manpower Toledo, you would have created a WebCenter user ID and password when you registered with Manpower. If you have never accessed your account, the default user ID is the first initial of your First Name plus the Last name and password in the last four digits of your SSN. You will be prompted to change your password before accessing your account.

If you don’t remember your username and password, then you can retrieve your username by clicking “Forget Username” and your password by clicking the “Forgot Password?” link. You will be asked for an email address, first name, and last name to retrieve your username and password.

View Pay Stubs

  1. Login to your WebCenter account using the proper link below (if not listed, please ask your manager).
  2. Click on the “Pay History” tab from the Home page.
  3. Then select the Pay Date from the list which you would like to view.
  4. Click on “View Printable Version” to print out.    

   View W-2s

In order to view your W-2 statement online, you must provide an electronic To view your W-2 statement online, and you must provide electronic consent. Otherwise, paper W-2s will be mailed to the home address no later than January 31st. To consent and view-

  1. Click on “Manage W-2s” on Your To-Do List.
  2. Read the electronic delivery disclosure notice and click “Click here to receive your W-2s electronically.”
  3. Choose 2018 from the year list. Then click on view printable version.

Login to your account at the link for your Local Employment Agencies below-

Manpower Albeny

WebCenter link:

Manpower of Aurora, Elgin, Palatine and Yorkville

WebCenter link:

Manpower of Dayton

WebCenter link:

Manpower of Eastern Washington

WebCenter link:

Manpower of Illinois

WebCenter link:

Manpower Las Vegas, Nevada and Northwestern Arizona

WebCenter link:

Manpower of Michigan

WebCenter link:

Manpower Mid-South

WebCenter link:

Manpower of North West Ohio

WebCenter link:

Manpower Northern Nevada

WebCenter link:

Manpower of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Florida

WebCenter link:

27 thoughts on “Manpower Pay Stubs & W2s

  1. Hello! I am an employee of Manpower in Illinois and would like to know how I go about getting my W2.
    Thank You! Gene Grondie

  2. I need my W2 form mailed to my address. I worked in Louisville, Ky. We worked on IRS. returns. I cannot download the W2. My computer is old and will not let me. Willie Neal 1311 Fairdale Rd. Fairdale , Ky.

  3. I was a manpower employee of Roanoke Va and I still have not received my W2. Waited 30minutes on the phone yesterday with the call center to be hung up on the first time, called back and waited 27 minutes to be hung up on again without even acknowledging I was on the phone, the third time I got someone on the phone she was no help what so ever, would not let me steal to a supervisor also did not get a call back from a supervisor that I was promised. She would not tell me her name & disconnected the call. I simply need to k ow how to get a duplicate W2 without having to wait another week for it to be sent threw the mail.

  4. I am a current employee of Manpower in Louisville Kentucky and need my W2
    mailed to me . I was on the phone for 2 hours holding.

  5. I Satonia Robinson have not received my W-2 . After holding on the phone for days and even having the phone hung up in my ear !

  6. I am not currently working with manpower. I worked 3 months an was transitioned to the company I was assigned with in phx Arizona how can I receive a duplicate copy of my w2 I emailed twice and no reply bk

  7. please send my w2 in the mail because my wife passed 7 months ago and i dont have the pass word to get in paperless account thank you

  8. Hello my name is Stanley i worked for manpower during 3 years, i left mars 2021 after that i changed my apartment only the apartment number i change, but i called the office already i tell them change the number for me. I don’t know what happens until now i never receive my w2 that’s the reason I’m writing i would like to know How can i get my w2

  9. Good Day Coworx Company this Brenda Greer I wood like print my check stub W/2 from for year 2020 I a trying very hard to get them to whom this may concern thank you for take time out of you busy schedule to so 😊 Brenda just my W/2 some check stubs to show I did’nt work and you currently.

  10. Iworked for manpower in maine. need to get my w2s
    my addressd is po box 1141 berwick maine 03901

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