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Pay Stubs

Being a present employee of Summa Health you are eligible to get access into Lawson Employee Self Service. Because your company Summa Health uses Lawson’s Employee Self Service (ESS) for your Payment issue. As an employee of Summa Health after getting access to Lawson’s Employee Self Service (ESS) module you can manage your employment information as maintain personal data, know details about insurance, tax withholding status and other benefits as well as mainly your payment statements. You can make direct deposit from this portal.

How to access?

Option A: You can get access to Lawson’s ESS through work computer. So, you have to open Summa@Work and go to Applications > Lawson from home menu bar. You can access to Lowson from popular links also. Then Sign In page will be appeared on the screen.

Option B: If you want to get access from your home computer then navigate to Summa Health website URL: Under Employee Remote there is Lawson- Employee Self Service option and click on it to navigate. Then Sign In page will be appeared on the screen.

***When you are a Terminated Employee then you have to follow Option B.

How to Sign In?

  1. From the Sign in Screen, you have to click on option.
  2. Now enter your Lawson User ID and Password then click on Sign in button.

[NB: Your User Id is based on your Employee Number. If your Employee Number is 12345 then User ID will be “”. If you do not know your password then make a call at 234.312.2222 on Computer Support Desk.]


Summa Health Company is taking services on W-2 Statements from ADP iPay for the employees. So you are able to get access into ADP iPay portal through Logging in with credentials after completing your registration process. You will get notification (if you activate this option) when your W2 statement will be ready at the end of the year. Then you can download or print your W2 statements.

Registration Process

  1. Go to ADP iPay Login URL:
  2. Click on Register Now button.
  3. Now provide the Registration Passcode for Summa Health and click on Next. If you do not know then communicate with Summa Health HR/ Payroll coordinator.
  4. Now provide your Personal information according to the instructions of registration form and verify reCAPTCHA then click on Next. On the other hand you can import your personal information from your Capital One account if you have.
  5. Now make your User ID and Password then go to next step.
  6. In this step select security questions from dropdown list and answer properly. Then click on check box and go to next step.
  7. Now verify your Email and provide contact information.

Now, you can log in to ADP iPay with your User ID and Password.


Lowson Portal

ADP iPay

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  1. I am trying to get my W-2 I no longer work for the company and do not have any way to get into the website I need my W@ and nobody is giving me help and not returning my calls.

  2. Please help me to get my W2. My user’s name and password are not responding. Currently, I am in school and I am no longer working for Man Power. I need help urgently!

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