Sitel Pay Stubs & W2s

Sitel Group’s employees can access the ADP payroll portal like other employees of more than 400k small and large companies. As a Sitel Group employee, you can know about your pay statements and manage all payroll-related information like personal information, pay stubs, W-2 statements other benefits with safety in a much-secured way. You are allowed to access ADP’s portal 24/7 a week. You will get automated service via ADP to input basic information like work hours or anything needed. ADP will do or calculate your payment & benefits and automatically perform a direct deposit to your account. ADP also performs the same action on your taxes according to your W-2 statements and deduction automatically for every employee.

NB: Your W-2 statements are posted on the ADP iPay portal today morning. For any query, you can contact the HR department of ADP at 866-430-0052, and you may know any updated information.

How will you complete the Registration?

If you are a new member of the Sitel group as an employee, you must go with the following five steps to complete the ADP payroll system registration process.

Firstly, go to the ADP Registration link: and click on the Register Now button, and you will be navigated to the Registration process by providing your company (Sitel Group) Passcode.

The Sitel Registration pass-code is Sitel-care1

Secondly, enter all valid personal information in every input field of the ADP online registration form, reCAPTCHA verification, and click Continue to the next step.

***Alternative way: you can import information from your Capital One account with Sign In here if you already have.

Thirdly, get your User ID and Password for future login to this payroll portal and click Next to continue.

Fourthly, select a minimum of three security questions and properly answer what will be helpful if you face any problems logging in. Besides, read the terms and conditions carefully and click on CheckBox. Then click the Register button to complete registration.

Finally, give your contact information and complete Email verification.

You have successfully completed your registration process, and you can log in to this portal with your User ID and Password.


9 thoughts on “Sitel Pay Stubs & W2s

  1. I need to get access to W2 form but it keeps telling me I need to get into ADP but the username and password is not working for me. Could you please email me my W2 to my email address

    1. Hey! Having the same issue. Did you ever figure out what you needed to do to receive your W2? Don’t have access to my email address I used when I worked for them.

  2. Can you tell me how to log into ipay for my w2? It asks for a password and username that I guess I should’ve gotten when I worked there. But that was way too long ago. Help!

    1. @ Chas Cantrell, please read the article carefully, if you have forgot your user id and password, you can retrieve using the Forget you ID/password link.

      1. this adp site is not working for me. when i try to put that username and password in it tells me log in failed. when i try the forgot option it tells me that i dont match any of their records. starting to get frustrated.

  3. Trying to figure out how to get access to my W2 cause I no longer work for Sitel can someone point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

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