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Congratulation on your new job at Stripes- a chain of convenience stores with more than 700 locations, and now it is seven-eleven. Therefore, Stripes employees will be eligible to access all facilities provided by seven-eleven. According to the seven-eleven payroll office, both active and former colleagues can access their pay stubs and w2 online. You can also use their self-service portal as an employee of Stripes because your company was bought by seven-eleven in 2017. For these reasons, you will be considered an employee of seven-eleven instead of Stripes. And you must comply with seven-eleven’s code of conduct. Let’s go to try to find out how to get your pay stubs and tax statement online.

Pay Stubs from Paystub Portal.

To view your pay statement, go to

Log in with your user ID and PIN that you provided when creating your account for the first time. If you are using this portal for the first time, you must create a user ID and PIN following these steps.

Click on the “First Visit? Register Now” link.

Enter your date of birth in MMDD format and the last 3 digits of your SSN. Click on Submit.

Enter the first 4 letters of your first and the first 4 letters of your last name and click on Submit.

Establish a Personal User ID– number only & at least 6 digits and a PIN- number only & at least 4 digits. Click on Submit.

Now log in with the new Personal User ID and PIN.

Click on “Print Pay Stub” to print it out. W2s will not be posted to the paystub portal. To access your w-2 form, follow the following information.

W-2 from Paperless Employee

Stripes provide a website called the paperless employee to view your year-end tax form online. So, you are now eligible to receive electronic delivery of your W-2 tax document. Registering for electronic delivery of your W-2 Tax document allows for fast and easy access to your information. No more waiting for traditional mail delivery. Your W-2 tax document will be available on or before January 31st. Follow the 5 steps below for a fast and easy registration process to the Paperless Employee portal. 

Steps 1: Go to Click on the Create Account button.

Steps 2: Enter your seven digits employee ID number, 9 digits SSN, and first three letters of your last name, check the reCaptcha box and personal phone number (verify with the verification code) and click on Authenticates & Create Account.

Steps 3: Enter your account name, create your user ID and password, select, and provide the answer to the three security questions. Then enter Enter your email address, and verify your email by using the Verify Email button. A verification code will be mailed to your email, and you have to use this code to prove it.

Steps 4: Select electronic statement notification options. And click on Save Notification Option Settings.

Step 5: Click on Year-End Tax Statements from the home menu to access current and past year-end statements or request a correction. To view the present w2 form, click on Access Current Year-End Statements, tick the selecting box, select the delivery method, and finally click on Review & Complete Order.

Note: You will receive a download link in the next steps. Remember, the download link only be active for 10 minutes. After that time, you will need to place a new order.


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  1. i was a former employee at stripes in Eagle Pass Tx 2 years ago and was wondering how i can get my W2 form if i dont remember my user ID nor password. if you can email me back with steps i would appreciate it.

  2. I can’t open my pay stuff, I don’t know what happen, I try many time but not coming thru., I was made the report at the HR office, them say, ok at the JBS office and the lady take my ID, but every time I was to open not working

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