Kwik Trip Pay Stubs & W2s

Now a day, employees deserve to have some digital experience because it’s a time of 5G. Yet many companies still saddle employees with legacy systems that have changed little over the years. But Kwik Trip has designed a self-service system with OKTA app authentication to give you an easy-to-use way of accessing information from multiple sources. I want to discuss “how to access your pay stubs and w2 statement online as a current Kwik Trip employee” in this article. So if you are looking at this, please read the following text carefully.

Access Pay Stubs & W2s

  1. Go to using Google Chrome. If this is for the first time- you’ve to add an OKTA extension to your chrome browser. The OKTA extension is available in the Google Chrome store.
  2. Log in to My Apps. You’ve already received a username and password from your HR office.
  3. Click on Career Central.
  4. From the home page, navigate to My info and select My Profile.
  5.  Within the My Coworker field, scroll down and select Payroll Information.
  6. To view your pay stub, click Pay Statement under Earning and Deductions. The next window will be displayed your current pay statements. You may save it as a pdf file and print it out.
  7. To view your W2 form online, you must complete the online W-2 Election first, which should be made before January 1st, 2021, for W2 2020. To select- click on the Online W-2 Election link.
  8. Click on the New Election button and select Elect for Kwik Trip from the top left of the online W2 election page.
  9. Now click on the Receive W-2 Online button under the Election Details.
  10. Then it will be automatically saved, and you will receive a congratulations message on the election for electronic W2.
  11. Now you will be able to view your W2 statement when available.


3 thoughts on “Kwik Trip Pay Stubs & W2s

  1. My name is Lynne Fish, I worked at kwik Trip in January last year for 3 days, I never received a w-2 form in the mail, could you please send it to me. Thank youb

  2. MY NAME IS brendon p campbell .I NEVER recieve a 2021 t4 slip. MY EMPLOYEE NUMBER was 8746224.I worked atHBC 1647 sYDNEY N.S .I left to health issues in april 2021.Could you mail my T4 to 51 Laurier ST. sYDNEY N.S B1N- 2B4 Thank you

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