Shiftgig Pay Stub & W2s

Siftgig pays to the employees according to recorded work hours verified by the supervisor of Client Company for every shift. You can maintain your work hours with clocking in and clocking out in your app while starting and ending your works. There is an automatic verification system based on your location.

Shiftgig pays to the employees through ADP payroll system. Shiftgig will invite you to create an account or register in ADP payroll system after completing your work for first shift. Then you will be able to get access to your pay stubs as well as W-2 statements on ADP payment portal and can maintain your payment information.

For getting access to your payment information you have to go Pay option and then Pay Statements located on top of the web page on menu bar. There is a summary of your every payment. For checking details about pay statements you have to click on a link as View Check.

How to create an account or Sign Up in ADP payroll portal

  1. First you have to browse the link:
  2. Now click on the SIGN UP button located below on the page.
  3. Then you have to provide Registration code or passcode: shiftgig-1234 and click NEXT for getting access to the registration process.
  4. Then you have to follow Enter information option and provide First Name, Last Name, Employee ID, Last 4 digits of SSN / EIN / ITIN, Birthdate and reCAPTCHA verification then click on Continue.
  5. Then create your User ID and Set Password.
  6. With clicking Next button you will be provided some security questions and you have select and answer three questions.
  7. Then you may be prompted to read the terms and conditions and select I agree check box.
  8. With clicking on Register button you will complete registration process.
  9. Finally you have to provide contact information and activate contact devices with phone number and Email verification.
  10. From now you will be able to log in ADP payroll portal with the User Id and Password.

How to access and update W-2 Statements

For getting access to your W-2 statements first you have to log in ADP portal with your User ID and Password. Now you have to go Pay option and then Annul Statements on top of the ADP home page. Here is available your all W-2 statements of every year. Every end of the January month your W-2 statement is updated for the previous year. If you need, you can regain your W-2 statements before the year 2016 contacting with Community Success.

For any kind of update for your W-2 statements you have to go Tax Withholdings option under Pay option with a secured network connection. With selecting Federal link you can update your information according to your need.


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  1. Brigett Phillips  |  

    i cannot get into the system to retrieve check stubs, got in once , i do not remember them asking for an email address, i did answer security questions

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