Publix Pay Stubs, W2s & Benefits

Today, I would like to present Publix Super Soup employees’ benefits. These include how to access your pay stubs and W2 form and What can you do if you do not receive your W2 on time from Publix? Talk about etc., but I will tell you to look at the table of contents. Publix is an outstanding company model that recognizes its employees’ value and potential and has embraced a 100% employee-owned structure. This means that everyone working at Publix has a stake in the company’s success, creating a strong sense of ownership, commitment, and motivation among its workforce. This employee-owned model has undoubtedly contributed to Publix’s consistent recognition as Florida’s Best Employer.

Currently, Publix employs an impressive workforce of around 250,000 dedicated individuals. These employees are spread across an extensive network of more than 1,350 store locations, ensuring a broad reach and accessibility to customers throughout the region.

One of the distinguishing features of Publix’s supermarket chain is its diverse range of offerings. Customers visiting their stores can find many high-quality food products, including dairy items, deli options, bakery goods, and much more. By providing a comprehensive selection of items, Publix caters to various customer preferences, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Furthermore, the success of Publix can be attributed not only to its exceptional product range but also to its strong emphasis on employee satisfaction and engagement. The company’s dedication to creating a positive work environment has resulted in its consistent recognition as Florida’s Best Employer. Through various initiatives, Publix ensures that its employees are supported, valued, and given opportunities for personal and professional growth.

In conclusion, Publix is a remarkable example of a supermarket chain that effectively combines business success with a unique employee-owned structure and a strong focus on employee satisfaction. With a substantial workforce of 250,000 individuals spread across 1,350 locations, Publix continues to provide top-quality dairy, deli, bakery, and other food products to its customers. Publix has created a culture of ownership, commitment, and excellence by valuing and empowering its employees, earning its well-deserved title of Florida’s Best Employer for several years.


Certainly! As an employee of Publix Super Markets in Florida, you would be entitled to several benefits under Florida State law. Publix offers a range of benefits to its employees. Some of the core benefits provided to all Publix associates include:

  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP): Publix has an ESOP that makes yearly retirement contributions in Publix stock at no cost to the employee. This allows associates to become company owners and benefit from its success.
  • Stock Purchase Program: In addition to the ESOP, Publix offers associates the opportunity to purchase additional shares of the company’s privately held stock. This allows employees to further invest in the company and potentially increase their ownership stake.
  • Annual Holiday Cash Bonus: Publix provides its employees a yearly holiday cash bonus, a monetary reward for their hard work and dedication during the holiday season.
  • Weekly Pay: Hourly associates at Publix receive weekly pay, providing them with a consistent and reliable source of income.
  • 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan: Publix offers its employees a 401(k) retirement savings plan, allowing them to save for their future. The company also provides a matching contribution to encourage associates to save for retirement.
  • Group Health Plan: Publix provides its employees with a group health plan, including medical coverage. This plan may include prescription and telehealth benefits, ensuring associates access to necessary healthcare services.
  • Group Vision Plan: Publix offers a group vision plan to help employees with their vision care needs, including coverage for eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses.
  • Group Dental Plan: Publix provides a group dental plan to assist employees in maintaining good oral health. This plan typically covers routine dental care, such as scrubbing, X-rays, and more extensive dental procedures.
  • Paid Parental Leave: Publix offers paid parental leave to eligible employees, allowing them to take time off to bond with and care for their newborn or newly adopted child.
  • Free Annual Flu Shots: Publix associates can access free annual flu shots at the Publix Pharmacy, helping them stay healthy during flu seasons.
  • Credit Union Membership: Publix offers credit union membership to its employees, providing them access to financial services and benefits through the credit union.
  • Tuition Reimbursement: Publix supports its associates’ educational aspirations by offering tuition reimbursement programs. This helps employees pursue further education or professional development opportunities.
  • Service Awards: Publix recognizes and rewards associates for their years of service through service awards. This acknowledges employees’ commitment and dedication to the company.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Publix provides an employee assistance program to support associates in managing personal and work-related challenges. The EAP offers counseling, resources, and referrals to help employees address various issues.
  • Advancement Opportunities: Publix follows a promote-from-within philosophy, providing employees with advancement opportunities within the company. This approach allows associates to grow their careers and take on new responsibilities.

All the employees will get the core benefits, along with the additional benefits that the full-time employees will get are-

  • Vacation, Bereavement, and Jury Duty Pay: Publix provides paid time off for vacations, bereavement leave, and jury duty service, allowing employees to take time off while still receiving their regular pay.
  • Six Paid Holidays: Publix recognizes and provides paid time off for six significant holidays throughout the year, enabling employees to spend time with their families and celebrate these occasions.
  • Company-Paid Life Insurance: Publix offers life insurance coverage to its employees at no cost, providing financial protection to their beneficiaries in the event of their passing. The coverage may also include benefits in case of accidental death or dismemberment.
  • Bereavement Pay: In addition to the bereavement leave mentioned earlier, Publix offers bereavement pay, which ensures that employees receive compensation during their bereavement period, helping them cope with losing a loved one.
  • Long-Term Disability Insurance: Publix provides long-term disability insurance coverage, which offers financial assistance to employees who are inept at working for an extended period due to a disability or illness. This coverage helps protect employees’ income during such challenging circumstances.
  • Holiday Exchange: Publix offers the option to exchange a holiday worked for another day off. This allows employees to have flexible schedules and spend quality time with their families or engage in personal activities.

PASSport; How to Access Publix Pay Stubs & W2s Online

Publix Supermarket understands the significance of convenience and efficiency when managing your payroll and tax-related documents. Therefore, the company has introduced a self-service portal called Passport to streamline these processes.

  • PASSport is an online platform that provides easy access to your pay stubs and W2 forms. With PASSport, you can conveniently retrieve your pay stubs and W2 forms anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. The web address of the PASSport portal is
  • You must only follow simple steps to access PASSport and retrieve your pay stubs and W2 forms. First, visit the Publix Supermarket employee website or portal, and look for the section or link dedicated to PASSport. Once you click on the link, you will be redirected to the PASSport login page. You must log in with Microsoft authenticator to access your account.
  • Once logged in, you will find various options and features within PASSport. Look for the section that relates explicitly to pay stubs and W2 forms. This section lets you view and download your pay stubs for each pay period and access your W2 forms during tax season. PASSport ensures that all your information is secure and confidential, and you can rest assured that your data is protected.
  • By utilizing Passport, Publix Supermarket aims to provide a convenient plus efficient way to manage your pay stubs and tax-related documents. This self-service portal is available to all employees, allowing you to access your information conveniently. It is important to note that Publix Supermarket is transitioning to digital distribution for pay stubs and W2 forms, so it is advisable to familiarize yourself with PASSport and take advantage of this new system.
  • If you encounter difficulties using PASSport, Publix Supermarket has a dedicated support team. You can reach out to them through the contact information provided on the Passport portal or consult with your human resources department for further guidance.
  • Publix Supermarket is committed to enhancing your experience as an employee and continuously improving its human resource processes. PASSport is just one example of how the company strives to provide efficient and user-friendly tools to manage payroll and tax-related documents.

What can you do if you do not receive your W2 on time from Publix?

In line with federal law, W2 forms are usually distributed through the Passport Portal in mid-January. On the other hand, in the last week of January, W2 forms in a paper format started distribution through postal mail. It may take seven working days for your W2 form to arrive on time, so you may have to wait the entire first week of February. You can take the following steps if you don’t get it within this time.

  • Communicate with your payroll office or W2 hotline: The first action is to reach out to Publix’s human resources or payroll department. Publix payroll or w2 hotline number is (863) 688-7407, ext. 22311, and the email address is Inquire about the status of your W2 form and ask if there have been any delays or issues in its distribution. There may have been an oversight or a logistical challenge that can be addressed promptly.
  • Confirm your mailing address: Double-check that your employer has the correct mailing address on file. Ensuring that the W2 form is sent to the right location is essential. If you have recently changed or moved your address, inform your employer immediately to avoid potential delivery issues.
  • Request a reissue: If a significant amount of time has passed, and you still have not received your W2 form, kindly request a reissue from your employer. They should be able to assist you in generating a new copy and sending it to you promptly. Ensure you provide the necessary information, such as your name, employee identification number, and contact details, to expedite the process.
  • Utilize online alternatives or PASSport: Publis offer online platforms or self-service portals called PASSport where employees can access and download their W2 forms digitally. PASSport can be a convenient and efficient way to obtain the necessary information for your tax filing, even if the physical form has been delayed.
  • Contact the IRS: In cases where all attempts to resolve the issue with Publix have been unsuccessful, you can contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for guidance. The IRS has resources to assist employees who have not received their W2 forms on time, and they can provide instructions on how to proceed and ensure that you meet your tax obligations without delay.

How do you access the Publix W2 form as a former employee?

As a former employee of Publix, You will receive your W2 form through postal mail. If you have already changed your home address, update your address by calling the former employee hotline number. The former employee’s hotline number is (863) 688-7407, ext. 36255. The HR department will guide you through submitting a formal request for your address change. Ensure you provide an accurate mailing address where the HR department can send your W2 form.

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