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Nowadays, all kinds of events in American restaurants, including food, entertainment, business, social, political, family, and wedding ceremonies, are held inside the restaurant. Large-scale restaurant brands operate franchise-based business activities for the sake of mass promotion and expansion. The more the brand is represented worldwide, the more it is recognized, and the revenue grows faster. If the franchisor has its initiatives, and there are many of them, it will be successful in its hands. People’s love benefits both the franchisor and the franchisee; only the former can increase profits and sell more franchises. One franchisee of Popeyes restaurants operated by Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is Z&H Foods, which operates several restaurants in the Texas region. Payroll is a crucial part of business operations and should be strictly managed. Any irresponsible action can have a substantial financial impact. However, business owners, especially independent franchisees or small-business owners, are unsure of the best way to run payroll processes. In this case, the Z&H Foods franchise uses the Alliance MyPay Employee Self-Service Portal effectively based on contemporary technology. All employees working under Z&H Foods are quickly accessing their Pay Stubs and W2 Statements through the mentioned portal.

popeyes pay stubs

How to Access Popeyes Pay Stubs & W2s – Z&H Foods, Inc.

Alliance MyPay Employee Self-Service Portal plays a unique role in completing payroll processing and tax management through seamless paperless data flow for employees of Z&H Foods. Here, Direct Deposit information, Pay Stubs, and W2 Statements are easily accessible, flexible, and convenient according to the franchisee’s needs. In addition, through the Alliance Employee Self-Service mobile app, employees have the convenience of access at their fingertips more easily. Let’s take a quick look at the portal access process.

After joining Z&H Foods, the system administrator initially set up the employee’s account, and an enrollment email is sent, including the employee’s User Name and a Temporary Password. In this case, that email will be sent to the email address shared with the employer or filled up in the file at the employees’ joining time. So sign in to the email account provided by you and check the inbox; after getting the credentials visit this link (https://www.hralliance.net/ee/Login.aspx) which will take you to the login page of Alliance MyPay Employee Self-Service Portal. Now enter your Alliance MyPay User Name and Temporary Password in the specific input fields of the login screen and then click the “Login” button.. Once the login is successful, you will automatically be navigated to change your Alliance MyPay Temporary Password. You will then need to answer three security questions so that the Alliance MyPay system can verify your identity if necessary. Your identity will usually be verified by asking security questions during forgotten password recovery and every sixty days on any device.

Existing users can directly log into Alliance MyPay using their Username and updated Password. Pay Stubs can be accessed under the “Pay History” tab and W2 Statements under the “Taxes” tab in the “Employees” section of the Alliance MyPay Home Page.

If you forget your Alliance MyPay Password, click the “Forgot Password” option and submit your Username and email address. Then you will be provided with a Temporary Password via email, which you need to log in and change again. On the other hand, if you forget your Alliance MyPay User Name, click on the “Forgot User Name” link from the login page and submit your Email Address; your User Name will be sent via email.

Disclaimer: Popeyes and its logos are registered trademarks and copyrighted materials of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc., while Z&H Foods and its logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Z&H Foods, Inc.

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