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Popeyes, an American fried chicken chain founded in 1972 in New Orleans and headquartered in Miami, is known for its New Orleans-style menu featuring spicy chicken and fried shrimp. A subsidiary of Toronto-based Restaurant Brands International, Popeyes operates over 3,700 locations globally, primarily franchised. The brand, celebrated for its rich Louisiana heritage and flavorful cuisine, ranks among the world’s largest quick-service chicken restaurants. In the competitive restaurant industry, franchises like Popeyes are particularly attractive due to their reputation and operational blueprint. For franchise employees, maintaining accurate records and timely access to employment documents like pay stubs and W2s is essential, as it not only ensures transparency but also builds trust within the organization, thereby enhancing its reputation. Gilligan Company, an Ohio-based franchisee of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, operates several Popeyes locations across Ohio. This guide is dedicated to helping employees of Gilligan Company understand how to access their pay stubs and W2 statements online via the Paycor Employee Self-Service Portal.

Popeyes Pay Stubs

How to Access Popeyes Pay Stubs & W2s – Gilligan Company Online?

Since it is impossible to access any modern online portal these days without being an authorized user in the registration process, without further ado, let’s take a quick look at Paycor’s registration process. And yes, those who have already completed the Paycor registration process or are old users, please skip this Paycor registration process and sign in directly with your Username and Password from the Paycor Main Page.

  • Now, to start the Paycor registration process, first go to the Paycor website using this link (https://www.paycor.com). Then click on the “Sign In>” option on the top right side, and a new webpage will open, which is the sign-in page of Paycor. Old, already registered, or after completing registration, Paycor users will sign in to the portal from here.
  • However, visit the “Register here” link to start your Paycor registration. Then select your language in the “LET’S GET STARTED” step, where English is selected by default. At the same time, provide some information like Last Name, Access Code, and Email to verify your identity and click on “Next.” Your employer will provide the Access Code; your Last Name and Email must be provided here as provided in your employer’s file at the time of joining.
  • Then enter your Social Security Number (SSN) and date of birth in the “Security Verification” step. After clicking the “Continue,” you will be prompted to set up your credentials in the “Create Username and Password” step, following the requirements and instructions.
  • This time, after clicking the “Continue” button, you have to input the confirmation code that was sent to your email in the input box of the “Verify Your Email Address” step that appears on the screen. After inputting the code correctly and clicking the “Continue” button, your email verification will be successful, and the security question setup step will appear on the screen.
  • You must complete the “Security Questions” setup by selecting and answering the questions and clicking on the “Save” button. This way, your Paycor registration process will be completed, and you can reach “Paycor Home” by signing in from the sign-in page.

Now you can access your Popeyes Pay Stubs and W2 Statements from the “My Check Stubs” and “Tax Documents” options by exploring the “Payroll” tab from “Paycor Home.”

Disclaimer: Popeyes and its logos are registered trademarks and copyrighted materials of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc., while Gilligan Company and its logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Gilligan Company.

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