Dicks Sporting Goods Pay Stubs & W2s

Dick’s Sporting Goods, headquartered in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, is the top sporting goods retailer in the United States, with approximately 853 stores as of 2023. The company employs around 53,000 people and operates subsidiaries, including Golf Galaxy, Public Lands, and House of Sport. Under the leadership of President and CEO Lauren Hobart, the first female CEO in the company’s history, and Executive Chairman Edward W. Stack, Dick’s continues to emphasize a culture of passion, skill, and commitment. The company supports local communities by funding teams, coaches, and mentors, recognizing the transformative power of sports. Dick’s also owns and operates Field & Stream stores and offers digital conveniences through its robust eCommerce platform and the GameChanger app, enhancing the sporting experience with features like live scorekeeping and video streaming. This article will discuss how employees of Dick’s Sporting Goods can access their pay stubs and tax forms.

How to Access Dicks Sporting Goods Pay Stubs & W2s Online?

Dick’s Sporting Goods employees have two options for accessing their pay stubs and tax forms. The first option is through the company’s intranet, a private network accessible only within the organization’s offices or stores, allowing employees to access their financial documents securely. Alternatively, employees can utilize the paperless employee portal, an internet-based service that can retrieve their documents online from any location. This dual-access approach ensures that all employees can manage their pay information conveniently and securely, whether onsite or remote.

Access Through Intranet:

  • Navigate to the DSGN intranet at https://dsgn.dcsg.com.
  • Select “MY LOCKER,” then click on “Click Here to Enter Workday.”
  • Log in using your corporate email ID and password.
  • Select “My Employee Dashboard.”
  • To view your most recent pay stub, click “Payslips,” for tax statements, click “My Tax Documents.”

Access Through the Paperless Employee Portal

Dick’s Sporting Goods offers a comprehensive and secure method for employees to manage their pay and tax statements online through the Paperless Employee portal. This digital approach simplifies the process of accessing important financial documents, whether employees are logging in for the first time or routinely checking their information.

Creating an Account:

Employees can set up their Paperless Employee account by visiting the website https://www.paperlessemployee.com/dsg. The account creation process involves entering personal identification details such as Employee ID, Social Security Number, and Date of Birth. After authentication, users must complete several steps, including setting up a User ID and password, adding security questions, and verifying contact methods. The process is designed to ensure that all employee data remains secure and private.

Accessing Pay Statements:

Once registered, employees can view both full and summary pay statements. Full pay statements provide detailed financial information and are accessible through a simple navigation interface on the portal. Summary statements offer a quick overview for easier reference. Both types of statements can be viewed, printed, or saved directly from the website.

Electronic W-2 Access and Registration:

Dick’s Sporting Goods also facilitates electronic access to W-2 tax forms. Employees can opt for electronic delivery of their tax statements during their initial account setup or at any later time. This feature not only helps in quicker access to necessary tax documents but also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing paper use.

Managing W-2 Statements:

Registered users can easily access both current and past W-2 statements through the portal. This feature is particularly useful for financial tracking and tax filing purposes, providing employees with the ability to retrieve and review their tax information as needed.

The Paperless Employee portal exemplifies Dick’s Sporting Goods’ commitment to modernizing employee access to critical financial documents, enhancing both convenience and security for its workforce. This system reflects the company’s dedication to leveraging technology to improve employee experiences and administrative efficiency.

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