O’charley’s Pay Stubs & W2s

Welcome to this article written for O’Charley’s staff. Since you are reading this document I wrote, I thought – either you are a current employee of O’Charley or a former employee. I will discuss how to access your pay stubs and tax form, i.e., W-2s form, and before that, I will consult about the organization. American Blue Ribbon Holdings own the O’Charley brand. In 1971, Charlie Watkins set up O’Charley’s first restaurant near Vanderbilt University in Nashville. It is currently a casual dining restaurant chain in the United States, spanning 17 states. At least 200 restaurants under the brand have a reputation for serving delicious and classic American food. It is also considered one of the top workplaces in Tennessee.

  • How does O’Charley distribute pay stubs and tax forms to his employees?

O’Charley used ADP’s services to distribute tax forms to his employees and used the Ceridian Dayforce application to distribute pay stubs and other payroll forms. How to access your pay stub from ADP to W-2 Form and the Ceridian Dayforce Self-Service Portal will be presented below.

  • How to access your W-2 form from ADP?

Instant access to your W-2 form from the ADP Self-Service Portal is effortless. That’s why you don’t have to visit your payroll office. Follow the information below to get instant access to your tax form.

  • The web address of ADP W-2 Service is w2.adp.com. You must first visit the ADPW2 service’s web portal, so see w2.adp.com.
  • Suppose you have already registered for the ADP W-2 service as an employee of O’Charley; log in with your username and password. Otherwise, to complete the registration, Hit the “New user? “Create Account” link.
  • Registration Passcode – In the next step, you will see two options like – (Find Me) and (I have a registration code). You can complete the registration using both options. However, I will discuss how to register using the “I have a registration code” method. So click on the option called “I have a registration code.” Then enter CHUX-W2 in the registration code box.
  • Identify Yourself – In this step, enter the first and last part of your name (as described in pay stab), Employee ID, W2 form of any year you want to access, Company Code= VCR, Zip Code= 37204, and enter your SSN. Then click on the “Continue” button. The thing to note now is that you have to enter the zip code mentioned above; you don’t have to enter your home address’s zip code.
  • Contact Information – Once your identity is confirmed, you will need to enter your email ID and phone number in this step. Then make sure the email ID and password are in your favor.
  • Create a password – After verifying the content information, you will be given an unchangeable system username and need to create a password of your choice. Re-enter your password in the Confirm Password box and hit the “Continue” button.
  • Security questions – Choose a few security questions and then answer the questions. These answers can be used to recover your account.
  • Confirm Registration – Re-verify the information you entered and complete the registration.
  • At the time of the first login, you will be requested to receive the electronic W-2 form by selecting “Go Paperless.” You can alteration this at any time if you wish by selecting “Change your paperless option,” which is in the account’s resource center
  • Your W-2 form is under the “Pay” icon. You can get your W-2 form in PDF by clicking on “Download Statement.”
  • How do you access the pay stubs?

To access your pay stubs, log in to the Ceridian Dayforce Self-Service Portal. Then click on “Earnings” from the left navigation panel. Then go to the “Earnings Statement” tab and select the pay stub you want to view. Then click on the “Statement” tab to view your pay stub in full format. You can only see the description of the pay stub in the Summary tab. After viewing, you can print your pay stub by clicking on the print icon.



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