nThrive, Inc. Pay Slips & W2s

nThrive, Inc. is a privately held organization in Hospital & Health Care industry. It authorizes health care for every people from every community, from the patient-to-payment system. For increasing the health care companies, nThrive, Inc. allows to modify the economic and operational execution. This organization combines its understanding and experience beyond the whole revenue cycle. It is also responsible to its customers for assuring fair and focused clarifications that completely satisfy their needs.

As an employee of nThrive, Inc. you are here visiting for knowing about your pay stubs and w2 statements. You will be very happy to know that nThrive, Inc. encouraging the employees to have their pay slips and w2 statements digitally via UltiPro payroll portal of Ultimate Software. You can maintain your benefits, contact information, personal information and other information also in this portal.

Getting access to UltiPro payroll portal

For old users:

Old users can have the payroll related documents as pay slips and w2 statements easily on this portal with getting access by Signing in to the portal using this URL: http://nthrive.ultipro.com. Sign in process for old users is very easy as just provide your Email / Phone / Skype ID and then click on Next button. Now, provide your Password on the definite input field and click on sign in button. After signing in successfully on this portal, your pay stubs and w2 statements will be available to view, print or download. As well as, you can know about your benefits in your company and can manage your all personal and contact information and can update your timesheet easily.

For New or First Time Users:

As a first time or new user on this portal then you have to visit the Sign in page of the portal with the URL: http://nthrive.ultipro.com. This will be redirected to the Microsoft online log in page because, you have to sign in via Microsoft work account or you will be provided your sign in credentials as Email and Password by your employer or payroll coordinator or HR dept.

After your initial sign in you have to change your default or initial password. Follow the instructions and password requirements provided on the screen.

Now, you have to answer 3 challenge questions and you can choose from the dropdown list according to your wish. Be careful about your answers. Because, these answer may need to prove your identity at any Sign in time.

Finally, you will get your dashboard which is called as Personal UltiPro screen. Here is available your all documents and information.



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