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From the beginning in 1928, Maverik Inc. has grown up gradually, and now it is one of the largest independent convenience store chains with more than 315 stores in 10 states of the United States (Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Washington, Nebraska, Oregon, South Dakota, and Wyoming). More than 5,000 employees are working to establish the most excellent convenience experience globally. Maverik Inc. distributes the pay stubs and w2 statements via the UltiPro payroll portal of Ultimate Software. Employees can access the UltiPro portal through or, or

How to get access to the pay stubs & W2 statements on the Portal?

Visiting the portal login page with the specific link provided by the UltiPro authority, Maverik Inc. employees can access their desired information after a successful login attempt with their login credentials as User Name and Password.

The Personal UltiPro Screen or dashboard will appear on the device’s screen and can manage their pay stubs and w2 statements and personal, contact, and other information.

New or first-time users should follow these steps carefully:

Step-1: From the UltiPro payroll portal’s login page, users must complete the initial login, providing their User Name and Initial Password. Users have to collect their User Name and Default or Initial Password from the employer or Payroll coordinator.

Step-2: In this step, users must change the default or initial Password from the appearing Password changing Screen. Default or Initial Password changing instructions and password requirements are provided on the screen by the system for following by the users.

Step-3: After changing the Default or Initial Password, The challenge questions screen will appear on the device’s display, and users have to select and answer any 3 challenge questions from the dropdown list according to their wish or choice.

Step-4: Finally, the user will get the automatically appearing Personal UltiPro Screen or Dashboard for managing and viewing their personal, contact, and other information, documents, and benefits. The menu bar is located on the screen’s left-top on the dashboard.

From now, users have to provide their User Name and New Password that they have changed after their initial login.

Users can re-get their forgotten password with this link as “Forgot Your Password” on the login page. There is also proper help to reset the password by providing the User Name or a password reset link by providing the User Name and Company access code. They have to collect their Company access code from the employer or HR department.


12 thoughts on “Maverik Pay Stubs & W2

    1. I need my w2’s from maverik. My name’s is Jennifer Bromley. I worked at maverik approx 4 years ago. My phone that you can text me on is 383-272-2373

  1. i havent worked for jack since october 2019 i have not recived nor can i find my w2 online i need it asap can you please help

  2. I worked at the Maverik, Page, Az. only one day. I need my W-2 sent to: Aaron Chee, P.O. Box 2496, Page, Az. 86040… I tried doing the online thing but can’t get through… Thank you… 928-614-4215

  3. I no longer work for maverick but I did work there last year and really need help getting my W2. I called my employer but it seems they aren’t helpful.

  4. I worked for maverik last year from January to march 2021. They sent my w-2 to the wrong and didn’t forward them to me. I need them and the company was not helpful and the number i was given they answered once but they was a problem and since then no one will answer or return my call.

    1. i dont know why they make it so difficult why not just send the tax papers to our emails or send us a text or phone call to let us know that its ready ive been waiting for mine for a while now and they are now just saying email them at or log into u central like come on why that when other jobs send you the things and dont make it hard just to get in connected with someone makes no sense i had a bad expericnce with maverik working there so i dont really like to company but what i would do christine is email or log into u central

  5. Unable to sign in without signing up for credit report. Don’t want this app. @mail address not recognized, password not recognized, HELP

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