Day Star Staffing Pay Stubs & W2s

Day Star Staffing Solution Company is a staffing solution provider in the staffing industry. It is working under client based system. It is believe in providing best solutions to the clients keeping a great relationship. When you are working in Day Star Staffing Solution then you have an accessible URL for Avionte employee portal to view, print or download your pay stubs and w2 statements in details. You can also maintain your personal info, contact info and other benefits as well as can update your time sheet entry.

Getting access to the portal via log in process

  • First navigate to the portal log in page using your accessible URL:
  • Then input your Username and Password. (You will be provided your username and password by your employer or payroll coordinator. Otherwise collect from them or your HR office.)
  • Click on Login button.

If are failed to get access to your account due to forgetting your User Name or Password:

  • Follow “Can’t access account?” option from the log in page below the log in section.
  • Now you have to provide proper information according to your problem. So, first you have to understand your situation.
  • If you forget your password then provide your User Name on the text field of User Name and click on Submit button. Then system will provide you proper instruction and you have to follow it properly.
  • If you forget your User Name then provide your First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Last 4 digit of your Social Security Number (SSN) properly on definite text fields and click on Submit button. Then system will provide you proper instruction and you have to follow it properly.

View your Pay Stubs:

After logging in successfully in this portal you will be able to view your all pay stubs from the beginning of your job in this company. Your pay stubs are available in Paychecks option under the Pay History menu. You can view your pay stubs in details with check number, check date, gross, taxes, deductions, net amount, direct deposit etc. You can check out more details of your pay stubs with clicking on a check number.

View your W2 Statement:

Your W2 statement is also available under Pay History menu. You can view and print your W2 statements from this portal. First, you have to configure your W2 receiving option answering employee interview question as “Yes” if you like to get an electronic copy in the portal. If you missed the configuring or did not configure your W2 receiving option then you will be mailed a hard copy of your W2 statement at your mailing address.


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