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How to Access Mohawk Pay Stubs & W2s Online?

Mohawk Industries, Inc. is a multi-industry company driven by passion, entrepreneurship, excellence, and respect in the paper and forest products manufacturing industry. This largest flooring company provides innovative and fashionable flooring solutions globally by providing end-to-end integration business benefits. There are currently around forty-five thousand employees who are constantly working to make this company the best in the world, and the company always values each person’s contribution. Here anyone with no experience, starting from an intern, can build a career at the top level by improving their skills through talent and hard work. Here the company is committed to various modern facilities for all the employees and is also a recognized training and development organization for all potential employees. All involved with Mohawk have their pay stubs & w2s delivered digitally through the DocAgent Web Portal in the benefit of modern technology. DocAgent Web Portal is a Document Management Solution (DMS) system. Using the DMS system, all the personal and organizational information and documents of all the people involved in any company or organization can be easily managed using any device at any time and place. Mohawk Industries is undoubtedly an incredibly fantastic place to start or develop one’s career.

Access the DocAgent Web Portal step by step

DocAgent Web Portal is also called e-Document Cabinet. All current employees associated with Mohawk Industries can access the DocAgent Web Portal or e-Document Cabinet by following the steps below. But don’t try here if you are not involved with Mohawk Industries or are a former employee.

  • Step 1: First, you must visit DocAgent Web Portal’s login page using this URL:, designated for Mohawk Industries.
  • Step 2: As a new employee of Mohawk Industries, for your first-time login or initial login in this portal, enter the User ID and Default Password in the specific input box of the login panel situated on the right side of the login page and click on the login button. If you don’t get your User ID and Default Password yet, please get in touch with your System Administrator.

User ID: Your Employee ID.

Default Password: First 4 letters of your last name in capital letters + first four digits of your Social Security Number.

  • Step 3: After initial login, instructions for changing the password will appear on the screen. Change your default password by following the password requirements (case-sensitive and 1-30 characters) as instructed.
  • Step 4: After changing the default password, you need to select a password question from the dropdown menu, answer it in the specified box, and remember it correctly for future verification.
  • Step 5: Click the ‘Continue’ button and complete the login again by inputting your User ID and New Password.

Pay Stubs/W2s: Finally, clicking on the Pay Stubs or W2s option from ‘E-Documents’ on the left side menu of the portal dashboard, the list of that particular document will be displayed on the screen. Then, click the icon next to it to view Pay Stubs for the desired date or W2s for the selected year. If your document is locked using a password, you will need to enter the password when opening the document. Your document’s password must be given to you by the authority or System Administrator.

  • Note: To view your Pay Stubs or W2s documents from the e-Document Cabinet or DocAgent Web Portal, you must have the final version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer.
  • If you forget your DocAgent Web Portal password, click the “Forgot Password” link below the login panel. If this link is not workable, enter the DocAgent Password Reset link (, fill in the form appropriately with the required information, and submit. Then follow the next instructions to reset the password.
  • If you need direct help, please get in touch with Shared Services via this ( email address.

Disclaimer: The Mohawk and Mohawk logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Mohawk Industries, Inc.

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  1. I’m having trouble accessing my account on doc agent.I woulld like to get my w2,my phone number is 843-862-7063 #105156 MY ID.

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