Darden Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Darden Pay Stubs and W2s online?

The restaurant business is in demand worldwide, and its business demand is particularly evident in America. The restaurant business in the USA is the second largest private sector and the third largest industry. Consisting of some of the most recognized and successful brands in the American restaurant industry, Darden Restaurants is the world’s leading full-service restaurant chain company. Believing in the motto, ‘Serving people is at the heart of the business,’ over 1,800 restaurants in various locations provide outstanding food service in an inviting environment to more than 380 million guests yearly. The Darden Restaurants chain employs approximately 185,000 employees to cater to this large number of guests. Considering the convenience of all employees of Darden Restaurants, Darden authorities have created a web portal application called Darden KrowD, which is essentially an employee self-service portal for themselves. This portal always allows employees to access their Pay Stubs and W2s and manage employment data, personal data, work schedules, shift hours, development training materials, benefits, etc.

Access to the Darden KrowD Portal

  • Employees must keep track of work schedules, shift timings, and choose payment preferences like direct deposit or paycheck. You don’t need to go to the office to learn about these things. If you are currently working under any brand of Darden restaurant, you can access or update all information anytime, anywhere, by logging into the KrowD Portal.
  • So to login to Darden KrowD Portal, go to the portal login page (krowd.darden.com), provide your Username and Password, and access the portal dashboard by clicking the login button. Then you can explore your desired information, Pay Stubs & W-2 Statements by clicking on the specific option from the ‘menu.’
  • After completing the first-time login, select your direct deposit option. And also, complete the tax filing process by providing the required information from the portal’s ‘menu’ to get instant updates on your payroll and tax-related information and documents like Pay Stubs & W-2 Statements.
  • You can install Darden’s KrowD Portal application on your smartphone and log in to get instant updates on all the information, documents, and company news you need securely with fingerprint authentication.
  • However, you must have an active KrowD account on this portal before logging in. For this reason, you must open an account and create your username and password through the registration process using the point-of-sale service from the website portal at any restaurant or store.

W-2 Statements for the Former Darden Employees

  • If you need W-2 Wage Statements as a former or retired employee of Darden Restaurants, you can get them through Equifax Workforce Solutions’ Tax Form Management Portal.
  • For this, you first go to the login page of the Tax Form Management Portal (https://www.mytaxform.com/) and enter the company code of Darden Restaurants: 11533, and click on the ‘Login’ button.
  • Then enter your User ID on the next screen and click on the ‘Continue’ button. Then enter your account PIN to reach the dashboard and access your W2s.
  • You must first select your ‘W2 delivery option’ Online and provide W2 Consent.
  • If you have forgotten or don’t know your User ID, follow the ‘Forgot User ID’ hyperlink below, verify your identity by providing the required information, and follow the instructions to know your User ID.
  • All your information on this portal is protected by SSL encryption. If you fail to log in three times a row, the system will suspend your login for thirty minutes due to security reasons.

Disclaimer: The Darden and Darden logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Darden Restaurants, Inc.

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