Mega Force Staffing Pay stubs & W2s

How to Access Mega Force Staffing Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

Mega Force Staffing Group is unique in the Southeastern United States region, offering flexible and lifestyle-friendly employment opportunities. For more than four decades, inspiring workers have been employed in the light industrial and administrative sectors by harnessing the power of human resources in the communities it serves. Leading the way in Alternative Staffing and Solutions for the betterment of the community, Mega Force Staffing Group supports the business development of various companies by providing resource management and consulting services. It has evolved into delivering multiple innovative and customized staffing solutions to partner companies with a mission to become a regionally recognized leader in America’s staffing and recruitment industry. At the same time, it ensures the sourcing and screening of experienced and technology-savvy personnel considering the changing needs and maintaining quality. Mega Force Staffing uses a straightforward, lightweight, and user-friendly system like InStaff Employee Payroll & Self-Service Portal to manage employee payroll. It allows employees to check their pay stubs every pay period easily. However, to collect W2 Statements at the end of the year, employees must go to the Mega Force Staffing Group office or any local branch office with their Photo ID.

Access your Mega Force Staffing Pay statements at the InStaff Employee Payroll & Self-Service Portal

  • InStaff Employee Payroll & Self-Service Portal is suitable for companies that prefer a lightweight and affordable online system. Using the online system, they can process their payroll system and various administrative tasks like Company Announcements, Time Tracking, Time-Off & Vacation Requests, Private Files, etc., online without manual processing. It is primarily designed to sync the existing payroll systems of various companies where employees can request to print or reprint their Pay Stubs while viewing them. As a result, the company’s administrative burden is reduced, saving a lot of time, and employees are happy to do everything themselves according to their convenience.
  • After joining Mega Force Staffing Group, the authority will register you in this portal, and you will be provided credentials (your name or email and password) to access the portal. To login to the InStaff Employee Payroll & Self-Service Portal, visit this link (, input the credentials, click on the I’m not a robot reCAPTCHA checkbox, and click on the “Lookup Portal” button. Please be careful while inputting credentials and type exactly or copy-paste the credentials provided to you.
  • If the login is successful, the list of options accessible to you will be displayed on the screen per the agreement of Mega Force Staffing Group with the authority of InStaff. You can explore everything from the list 24/7 and avail various benefits.
  • To access your Pay Stubs, go to “My Paystubs” from the “Dashboard.” Here you will find a list of your Pay Stubs available in PDF format. To view your desired Pay Stub details click on the “PDF” button on the right side as per the date from the “Period End” column. This InStaff Employee Payroll & Self-Service Portal usually stores seven years of Pay Stubs of employees; however, the retention period of Pay Stubs may be shorter or longer as per the agreement with the company. But there is no tension here, as before removing any data, all concerned must be informed by giving notice. So if you need to reprint any previous Pay Stub, it can be requested here. Even if you quit your job or switch to another company, you will have access to this portal, and your Pay Stubs can only be viewed by logging in.

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