Jack In the Box Pay Stubs & W2s

Jack in the Box, Inc. is an American largest hamburger restaurant chain with more than 2200 restaurants in 21 states. It is running the business with a mission for making the world a more delicious place. Jack in the Box always cares for the customer’s comments, review or the favorites and always try to add new things on the menu. About 25000 employees are working under this company are distributing the pay stubs and w2 statements electronically via UltiPro Payroll portal of Ultimate Software easily.

How to get access to the pay stubs & W2 statements on the Portal?

Employee of the Jack in the Box, Inc. are able to get access to the UltiPro portal with this link: https://n32.ultipro.com for viewing or downloading their pay stubs and w2 statements. After visiting the portal log in page employees have to log in with the log in credentials as User Name and Password.

The Personal UltiPro Screen or dashboard will be available on the screen after a successful log in attempt and users can get access to their pay stubs and w2 statements as well as personal, contact and other information are also manageable.

First time or new users should follow the following process:

Initial Log in: User have to log in initially with inputting the user name and default or initial password. Username and Initial Password are available on the Human Resource department or payroll coordinator.

Change Default Password: Changing default or initial password is an important part of the process and the system will suggest automatically at first time log in. Users have to follow the instructions and password requirements carefully from the screen provided by the system.

Challenge Questions: This is another important part of the process and users will be navigated to the challenge questions screen automatically. Users have to select from the dropdown list and answer any 3 challenge questions.

Dashboard or Personal UltiPro Screen: This is the Dashboard of the system or user’s Personal UltiPro Screen for managing and viewing all personal, contact and other information, documents and benefits. On the dashboard there is a Menu bar located on left-top of the screen.

Users have to provide the new password for every log in attempt from now.

‘Forgot Your Password?’ link below the log in section is provided for retrieving the forgotten password with inputting Username for getting help to reset your password or Username and Company access code for getting password reset link. Company access code is available on HR department.



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  1. Amanda l oppermann  |  

    i have been trying for weeks to get in contact with someone to get my w2 sent to my new address. And have had no luck so far. If you could help please contact me.

  2. patrick jarrett  |  

    I need a my w2 as i have not received it yet.i no longer work with jack and do not remember my username or password i am able to give u all my personal info please help me asap

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