HonorHealth Pay Stubs & W2s

HonorHealth is a healthcare organization that serves customers by focusing on their needs, schedules, and goals. According to the brand, this healthcare organization shows its honor and commitment to fulfilling the best quality of care privately and securely to highlight its well-known sincerity and integrity. More than 3400 specialist physicians, 11,600 devoted employees, and 3,000 helpful volunteers ensure everyone’s quality healthcare. All the employees associated with this organization are distributed their pay stubs and w2 statements via the UltiPro payroll portal of Ultimate Software.

How to get access to the pay stubs & W2 statements on the Portal?

Your pay stubs and w2 statements are available on the UltiPro payroll portal, and you can get access to your documents via this authentic link provided by UltiPro https://n12.ultipro.com. After visiting the login page of this portal via this link, please log in with your login credentials as User Name and Password to access the pay stubs and w2 statements on this portal.

From the Personal UltiPro Screen or Dashboard, you can print or download your pay stubs and w2 statements from a specific menu and manage your personal, contact, and other information.

Please, follow the following steps if you are a new or first-time user of this portal:

Initial Login: Log in with your User Name and Default or Initial Password provided by your employer after navigating to the portal’s login page with the authentic link provided by the UltiPro System.

Collect your Username and Default or Initial Password from your employer or Payroll coordinator.

Change Default Password: After your initial login, please change your default or initial password from the password changing screen. You have to follow the instructions and password requirements properly from the screen provided by the system.

Challenge Questions: Select from the drop-down list and answer any 3 challenge questions from the challenge question screen for your future security.

Dashboard: As a final point, you can download and print your Pay stubs & W2 statements and manage & view all personal, contact, and other information, documents, and benefits from the Dashboard or Personal UltiPro Screen. On the dashboard, a Menu bar is located on the screen’s left top.

From now, you have to input your User Name and New Password that you have changed after your initial login at the time of login attempt on this portal.

Have you forgotten your password? Don’t worry. There is a link as Forgot Your Password on the login page. You can retrieve your forgotten password with this link. You can get proper help to reset your password by providing your User Name or can have a password reset link by providing your User Name and Company access code. Your company access code is available in the HR department.



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