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Dr. Rick Workman, a doctor of Dental Medicine in the United States, founded the Heartland Dental Company with a vision of making a world-class company and becoming a leader in the dental industry. The Heartland Dental Company’s mission was to support the dentists and the teams to ensure the best quality dental care with their experiences for their communities’ patients. Today, with the described vision and mission, The Heartland Dental Company is the largest in the United States, with about more than 1400 dentists at over 900 locations in approximately 37 states. All the employees associated with this successful company distributed their pay stubs and w2 statements via the UltiPro Payroll Portal of Ultimate Software. Users can maintain their personal, contact, and other information.

How to get access to the pay stubs & W2 statements on the Portal?

As an employee of Heartland Dental, you can log in to the portal with your login credentials as User Name and Password. To log in to the portal, you have to visit the portal’s login page with the specific link http://heartsource.ultipro.com/. After logging in successfully, you will see the Personal UltiPro Screen or dashboard on the screen and receive your pay stubs and w2 statements electronically.

If you are a new or very first-time user, then the following steps are given for you:

Firstly complete your initial login, providing your User Name and Initial Password from the login page with the specific link. Your Username and Initial Password are available at your employer or Payroll coordinator.

Secondly, change your initial password from the appearing screen after your initial login. All the instructions and requirements are provided on the screen.

Thirdly, select from the drop-down list and answer any 3 challenge questions. Then click the Continue button. The challenge questions screen will be appeared automatically after changing your initial password.

Finally, you will get the Personal UltiPro Screen. There is a Menu bar located on the screen’s left-top on the dashboard, and you can manage and view all your personal, contact, and other information, documents, and benefits.

You have to provide your User Name and New Password that you have changed after your initial login for your future login attempt on this portal.


If you forget your password, you can retrieve it with Forgot Password. Link from the login page. Here you have to submit your Username, Last Name, and Last 4 digits of your SSN (Social Security Number). You can contact with IT Support Team @ 855-774-3248 also.



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  1. Hello, I was hoping to get some help with getting my w2, I can no longer access the portal to receive it. My name is Charlie (Charles) Malzenski. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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