Champion Personnel Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Champion Personnel Pay Stubs & W2s Online?

Staffing is the process of selecting, hiring, and retaining recruits. It is challenging for companies to keep their employees in a competitive business environment. They have a huge responsibility to choose the most suitable candidates and then provide training to develop their skills in line with industry expectations to offer competitive salary packages and other benefits to maintain the best performance within the company. Champion Personnel is a well-known staffing company in the American staffing and recruitment industry. There are several independent companies in different states of America called Champion Personnel. The ownership is with other individuals or companies, but everyone is involved in the stuffing business. So, if you as an employee want to access your pay stubs and w2s information online, choose your company from the following list and follow the instructions below accordingly.

1. Champion Personnel-Ohio State

Champion Personnel from Ohio state is well-known in the United States as a flexible talent acquisition and consulting firm. It was founded in 1964 by Ralph A. Schepens in Ohio and currently runs this company with five offices in North East Ohio the second generation. It is not an employment agency where business people help solve business problems.

Since staffing companies provide employees in different organizations under different contracts, all employees’ employment liability and equity belong to these staffing companies. Similarly, the payroll service of all employees is provided directly by “Champion Personnel.”

Champion Personnel ensures the legitimacy of the employees’ work, offers a wide range of payroll-related services as per the need, and pays the employees’ weekly salary through direct deposit and cash card/debit card services as well as Cash card service. All the employees can use their salary immediately on payday.

The W2 statement form is sent by postal mail to the registered home address of employees on or before 31st January.

Employees can contact Champion Recruiter / Account Management or request a meeting here ( to get any information or solve their problems.

2. Champion Personnel- Pennsylvania

Champion Personnel, a Pennsylvania-based, locally owned company in the staffing and recruitment industry, helps various other companies build efficient and consistent teams to succeed. Carl Rudolph founded the company in 2011 in Pennsylvania with 18+ years of experience working in different staffing service companies. Champion Personnel is currently able to provide staffing services to companies of any size through three offices in Reading, Lebanon, and Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

All the staff working under Champion Personnel are paid by direct deposit in the bank account through a ‘pay-card.’ Here ( is a sample of your ‘pay-card’ in PDF format. You must recheck all the information in your ‘pay-card’ and give it accurately. Because if any information is wrong here, your salary will be delayed from being deposited.

Your W2s will arrive on time at the home address you provided. So please provide or update your address correctly. If you are working here in 2020 and have switched elsewhere, update your address by calling the company’s reading office at (610-927-5221).

3. Champion Staffing and Recruiting, LLC- Kentucky

Champion Staffing and Recruiting, LLC is a small and veteran local agency based in the greater Louisville area, Kentucky, where the owner himself is involved in all activities. If you want quality service, you should contract with an agency where the owner will be vocal about giving the best output based on his experience. Small companies or agencies are always hungry for good service, so they must prioritize top-skilled talents in Sourcing & Placing.

Pay Stubs & W2s are delivered through the ‘Vfficient Employee Self-Service Portal’ to the employees associated with Champion Staffing and Recruiting Company. ‘Vfficient’ is a cloud-based payroll processing system where users can access their profiles, reports, payroll information, tax information, and most importantly, Printable pay stubs and W2s at any time from anywhere. W2s are usually available on the portal by 31st January.

If you have a Username & Password, you can go to the login page through this link ( and log in generally by inputting them correctly. Otherwise, you must complete the registration process and then access the portal.

To register, enter the Last Name, Social Security Number (SSN) / Employer Identification Number (EIN), Email address by clicking on the ‘Register’ hyperlink from the login page and, create the Username and Password at the same time and click on the ‘Register’ button.

Retrieve the username (if needed) by providing your email address via the “Forgot Username” hyperlink on the login page, and reset the password by inputting the username via the “Forgot Password” hyperlink (if needed).

Disclaimer: The Champion Personnel and Champion Personnel logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the Champion Personnel.

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