Culver’s Pay Stubs & W2s

Culver’s is a privately owned fast-food franchise founded in 1984 by George and Ruth Culver. The company makes and serves sandwiches, drinks, dinners, desserts, butter burgers, cheese, yogurt, fresh frozen custard, salads, and baby food with the firm’s fresh ingredients. Currently, the growing franchise system has at least 828 operating restaurants, of which 98 percent are solely owned and operated. However, these documents will discuss how employees of Culver’s Restaurant will access their pay stubs and w2s form.

  • Culver’s franchisees use Wipfli’s services to handle payroll, tax forms, and other HR activities. This means that Wipfli controls all activities related to the payroll and tax forms of the franchisees of Culvers. Employees of Culver’s Restaurant will get real-time access to their HR-related information, such as check stubs, time entry, healthcare benefits, and other information online. Employees can only view and print their data.
  • After your onboarding at Culvers Restaurant, you will receive an email with a link from Culvers. If the email sent from Culver’s is not received in your mail inbox, you can check the spam or junk folder. You may activate your account by clicking on that link and entering the required information. You need to activate your account within the next 72 hours. To activate the account, you will need an authorization code, the last four digits of your social security number. You also need to create a password of your choice, choose a challenge question, and answer it, which will be used for a password reset. After logging in, you can view your pay stub by clicking on the “Pay History” tab.
  • Culver’s Restaurant sends its employees W-2 forms to their employees’ home addresses via standard postal mail on or earlier than January 31 of each year. It mostly takes 5 – 7 business days for W-2 Form workers to reach their home addresses via standard mail. W-2 forms for former employees are also sent via standard postal mail to the home address as same as current employees. If a former employee has changed his or her home address, contact the HR office to change your address. Otherwise, the W-2 form will be sent to the home address you have filed in the payroll office. For additional information, you can call the following numbers-
  • Guest Relation-
  • Toll-free phone number – 833-224-7670
  • Support Center
  • Phone Number – 608-643-7980,
  • Fax – 608-643-7982.


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  1. So I had gotten my W2 from Culvers last year and misplaced it somewhere, I worked at Culvers from Nov. 2020- March 2021,

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