Century 21 Pay Stubs & W2s

Century 21 is a real estate agent franchise owned by Realogy Holdings Corp. Although the company was formed in 1971, the ownership changed several times in the next two to three decades. Century 21 was last acquired by Realogy Holding Corporation in 2006. Century 21 currently has offices and sales outlets in 70 countries and territories around the world. The experienced and professional staff manages to buy and sell customers’ residential and commercial properties in all these sales outlets. That means helping the customer to lease and buy or buy and sell their dream home, condo, townhouse, or commercial space for business at the best price. Century 21 is the largest real estate agent company globally in terms of the number of sales outlets or offices. This report is intended for Century 21 employees and will discuss how Century 21 employees will access their pay stubs and tax forms (w2s).

How did Century 21 distribute W2 forms to employees?

Century 21 sends its employees the W2s form via standard postal mail to their home addresses. Usually dispatches new W-2 documents for distribution on or before January 31 of each year. Postal companies are busy because most companies deliver W2 forms to their employees simultaneously, which can take equal to 7 to 10 business days for your W2 paper to be delivered. However, if your old or incorrect address is registered in the database, your tax form, which is essential to you, may be forwarded to the wrong address or remain undistributed. If it is undistributed, it may take several days for it to return to your HR office. So make sure your correct address is registered in the database. However, after February 15, you can apply for the re-issuance of your W2 form.

How does Century distribute pay stubs to 21 employees?

Century 21 uses its own self-service portal to distribute pay stubs to its employees, surrounded by okta multifactor authentication. So to access your pay stub, please navigate to login.century21.com. Then enter your complete login ID at the end of @century21.com, enter your password, and click on the login button. If you have not acknowledged your login ID and password, please contact the HR office or IT section or call 1-866-732-8612.



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