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ConAgra Brands Inc. is known as ConAgra, formerly ConAgra Foods. The company was founded as Nebraska Consolidated Mills in the aftermath of World War I, 1919, and was renamed ConAgra Foods in 1981. The company is currently headquartered in Chicago. The company produces packaged food products under various brands, including Bird’s Eye, and supplies them to supermarkets, restaurants, and other foodservice for sale. Anyway, this is a helpful guide for ConAgra’s staff. It will discuss how employees will access their pay stubs and w2s forms.

  • How to access PayStub?

ConAgra Brands pays its employees through direct deposits and payroll cards and uses the online platform of the Workday portal to distribute pay stubs. The company has also been using the Workday Jobs platform to complete the onboarding and recruitment process. However, follow the steps below to know how to access your paystub from Workday.

  • The address of the designated self-service portal of the Workday Platform for ConAgra Brands is So employees of ConAgra Brands need to visit that web address assigned to Workday.
  • Then determine your type of job. There are Hourly and Salaried Employee options.
  • After determining your job type, log in with your user ID and password.
  • Once the login is complete, click on the “Pay” worklet from inside the application. Then click on the “Pay-Slips” link. And view your pay stub by selecting your desired payment date. But if you want to access the previous Pay-Stub, click on the “Pay History” link.
  • How to access the W2 form?

A W2 statement is a document that gives a brief description of the money you have earned in a tax year. Under U.S. government law, each employer must distribute W-2 forms to employees by January 31st. And you need to use this document to complete your tax return. Now we will discuss how you can receive your W-2 form as an employee of ConAgra Brands. Your employer (ConAgra Brands) distributes W-2 documents online to its employees. So you can access your W-2 form online, even if you are a former employee.

  • If you want to access your W-2 form online as an employee of ConAgra Brands, visit Tax Form Management’s web portal. The address of Tax Form Management’s web portal is
  • Then enter this code “12255” in the “Employer Name or Code” box and log in with your User ID (Social Security Number without any dash) and PIN (the default PIN is the last four digits of your SSN and your year of birth). If you do not have an account, you will need to complete the registration first. Click on the “Click Here to Register Now” link to start registration. To complete the registration, you will need to enter your personal information, phone number, and email address. You also need to create the user ID and PIN of your choice.
  • First-time users, i.e., new registrants, have to choose the method of receiving the W-2 form. You can choose either a paper W-2 form or an electronic W-2 form. There is a fixed charge for the W-2 form of paper, while the electronic W-2 is entirely free.
  • To receive your W-2 online, select the “Set Me Up to Receive My Tax Form Online” button and provide consent, knowing the terms and conditions of electronic delivery.
  • Install the PDF reader by clicking on the “Test Now” link. A test page will appear if a PDF reader is installed.
  • Then, view and download the W-2 form for the specific year. If you do not have a W-2 form, wait for the new W-2 record to be released.


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  1. My name is Brendon P.Campbell..Ilive at 51 laurier ST.Sydney N.S..I worked at store 1647 in Sydney.MY EMPLOYMENT # WAS 8746224.I fQUIT DUE to health issues in April 2021.I never recieved a 2021 t4 slip ,if one couild be mailed to me My postal code is B1N-2B4 Thnk you.

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