Casey’s Retail Company Pay Stub & W2s

You are here to know about the information on your Pay Stubs & W2s. Right? You will be pleased to know that Casey’s is providing the Pay Stubs & W2s through the ADP Payroll portal, and I am assisting you here in detail. Please, follow all the following information carefully.

Casey’s has become quite popular in the retail industry. In its continuation, this convenience store chain is in the top three in the United States and is number one as the United States wholly owns it. It all started in 1959 at the hands of Donald Lamberti in Des Moines, Iowa. He leased a store from his father and remodeled it into a convenience store in nine years. He then took various suggestions from one of his supplier friends and gradually climbed to the pinnacle of success with his own experience and wisdom. Today, Casey’s has built a massive community of customers with over 40,000 helpful, friendly and hospitable Team Members from 2,300 clean and tidy convenience stores in 16 states across the United States. For over six decades, this community has provided ready-made food items, fuel, tobacco products, card services, gift cards, EV charging, etc.

Log In to your ADP Portal:

  • You can log in with Casey’s kiosk or self-service point by double-clicking on the ‘ADP Vantage’ link and then using the User ID and password.
  • You can also log in to the portal by providing your User ID and Password from any computer visiting the portal link: or any cell phone through ADP mobile application. (Install the ADP mobile Application on iOS from the app store or android phone from the google play store.)
  • Are you a new employee? Don’t have a user id and password? Ok, then first follow the registration process.

Registration process:

  • You must first have an Employee ID to register with the ADP Portal. And find out your employee ID from the manager.
  • Then go to the portal from Casey’s kiosk or any computer, click on the CREATE ACCOUNT button, select the ‘I HAVE A REGISTRATION CODE’ option, and enter the code as ‘mycaseys-Vt7Q6N’.
  • Now provide the required information and the employee ID as your ‘Identity Info’ and provide the primary and backup contact information for contacting you as ‘Contact Info.’
  • Finally, create your user ID and password and complete the registration process in compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the portal.


  • You will get a confirmation email, and you have to activate your account according to the instructions provided in your email within 24 hours.
  • If you have rejoined now at Casey’s Retail Company and previously worked after 9/1/2016, you have to use the previous user id and password to access the portal.
  • If you used iPay or ADP portal for the documents related to Pay Stub & W2s in your previous company, now you need to create a new user ID and password separately for Casey’s Retail Company.
  • To get online access to your Pay Stub & W2s, you need to select the ‘Go Paperless’ option from the portal’s My ADP Dashboard and follow the next instructions accordingly.

Get your Pay Stubs & W2s:

You can view your desired Pay Stubs under the ‘View All Pay Statements’ option & W2s under ‘Tax Statements’ from the ‘Pay’ menu in the portal dashboard.

Every current and former employee can get the last three years’ Pay Stub & W2s from the portal for free, whereas access to Pay Stub & W2s will be limited to former employees only. You can contact the HR department also for any queries or requests to reprint your desired document.

Password recovery process:

You can recover your forgotten password following the login page’s ‘FORGOT YOUR USER ID?’ button. By clicking on the button, enter your First name, Last name, and email/phone number. After the security questions and activation code verification is successful, you can create your new password.


The Casey’s and Casey’s logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the Casey’s Retail Company.

Wrapping Up:

I hope you can follow all the steps above confidently. The comment box below is open to resolve any confusion you may have with the information provided above. Or, if you have any queries, please let us know in the comments box. If you find this helpful, please share it with your colleagues.

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