Cafe Rio Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Cafe Rio Pay Stubs & W2s as an Employee?

If you want to taste the best Mexican food right now, a fast-paced restaurant chain suitable for you is Cafe Rio Mexican Grill, which has won numerous awards and is currently number one in the industry. In the 25 years since the first outlet opened in St. George, Utah, in 1997, it has expanded to more than 146 outlets in 12 states. Inspired by the traditional food of the Rio Grande region of northern Mexico, South Texas, and New Mexico, Cafe Rio serves various delicious Mexican dishes made from fresh ingredients. You will also find catering services at Cafe Rio. In hundreds of places in different parts of the country, Cafe Rio regularly serves food to guests at various events. This restaurant chain is running with the motto “fresh food, made fresh” in mind, without any freezer or microwave. No pre-prepared food is kept here; everything here is freshly prepared from fresh raw materials and served daily. The difference is that you will find food here and be assured of pure and fresh delicious food. Okta is the largest and most secure self-service portal for employees of any company. Cafe Rio has chosen this portal to provide their employee’s pay stubs & w2s.

  • Enter Cafe Rio’s Okta web address ( in a web browser and sign in with your Username & Password on the sign-in page. It is good to know that an account has already been created for you here. So, you can access all your data and documents by just signing in after collecting your username and password from your employer.
  • When signing in to this portal for the first time, you need to complete specific processes like the authentication process, initial password change, verification process set up, security question select & answer and security image setting, etc., following the instructions of the portal system.
  • Finally, the Okta Employee Self-Service Portal’s dashboard will appear on the screen. You can access all the payroll-related information and documents through the menu and options per your need.
  • Warning: You will be shown your security image when you sign in, which requires browser cookies. If you have successfully signed in with your device before and have not deleted cookies, do not provide a password if you are not shown your security image the next time you sign in. Report security to your employer or system administrator immediately if the security image is not displayed even after you have used the address specified for your company.
  • Reset your password: If, for some reason, you need to reset your password, click on “Need help signing in?” from the Okta sign-in page. Then look for “Forgot password?” and click on it. Now enter your Email or Username, click on ‘Reset via SMS’ or ‘Reset via Email,’ and follow the next instructions to set your new password.
  • Unlock your account: If you find your account locked for any reason, click on “Need help signing in?” from the Okta sign-in page. Then look for “Unlock account?” and click on it. Now enter your Email or Username, click on ‘Send SMS’ or ‘Send Email,’ and follow the next instructions to unlock your account.
  • Helpline: If you encounter any problem accessing this portal, you can take the help of the corporate office. You can call (801-441-5000) and get help by pressing the 4-button for the payroll option.


The Cafe Rio and Cafe Rio logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the Cafe Rio Mexican Grill.

Wrapping Up

Everything I have presented in this article is authentic, and you can follow everything without hesitation. If you encounter any problems, login into Okta Employee Self-Service Portal, let us know in the comments, or contact us. We are always with you with the correct information. Please share this article if your friends or colleagues need valid information about Okta Employee Self-Service Portal. Thank you.

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