Captain d’s Pay Stubs & W2s

Captain D’s an affordable and delicious seafood restaurant with different kinds of seafood dishes, desserts, appetizers,s, and other side foods. Customers can especially enjoy different types of seafood dishes with different kinds of fishes like Pollock, catfish, tilapia, salmon, white fish, shrimps, clams, crabs, etc. Here, Seafood is available in different packages according to the needs of customers. Captain D’s has restaurants in more than 526 locations where more than 6,000 employees are dedicated to serving the customers. Captain D’s using a digital payroll system for the employees as UltiPro Payroll Portal. Captain D’s employees have a different accessible URL on UltiPro Payroll System for getting access to their pay stubs and w2 statements.

How to login?

You can log in to UltiPro Payroll System for getting access to your pay stubs and w2 statements with the following steps:

At first, you have to visit the Login page for Captain D’s employees in the Ultipro payroll portal with a network-connected device with

Initial Login: You can log in to the system with your Username and Password and get your pay stubs and w2 statements.

If you are a new user or first-time user in this portal, you have to complete the initial login to this portal with your Username and Initial Password provided by your employer or payroll coordinator or HR office. [NB: If you are not provided while you join Captain D’s, please, collect your username and initial Password from your employer or HR office.]

Change Initial Password: As a first-time user, you will be prompted to change your initial password after clicking on the login button. You have to follow some requirements for creating your New Password. You will be able to see the screen’s conditions, and please follow the instructions.

Challenge Questions: In this step, you have to answer some challenge questions for your security reason. The system will provide a list of some questions, and you have to select your security questions according to your wish from the list. These answers are case sensitive, and in the future, it will be beneficial for you to type all your answers with only small or only capital letters.

Personal UltiPro Screen: Finally, your personal information screen of UltiPro will appear in front of you on the screen. You will be able to find your name and job title on the personal UltiPro screen. All information and documents will be available here. You can view and manage your personal information, Documents, Company information, Job Summary, and payment-related information like Current Pay Statements, Pay History, Direct Deposit, Income Tax, W-2, etc.

[NB: If you forgot your password, you could recover with Forgot Your Password? from the login page of Ultipro Payroll Portal. For recovering your password, you have to provide your User name and Company access code (Please collect your company access code from your employer or HR office).]