Bashas’ Pay Stubs and W2s

Bashas’ is a family-owned grocer that operates Foood City, AJ’s Fine Foods, Eddie’s Country store, and Bashas Dine supermarket. Today, Bashas’ has more than 130 stores that service every county in AZ and Crownpoint, New Mexico. However, this article may help you access the pay stub portal account if you work there. According to the payroll office, pay stubs for all employees that have been paid using direct deposit and payroll cards will be available to employees in their paystub portal accounts every week. Bashas does not send pay stubs in the mail. Both current and former employees will always have access to their paystub portal accounts for at least three years. If Bashas no longer employ you, you can still access your previous pay stubs by logging into the paystub portal.

Paystub portal Information

Any Bashas’ associated access to past and current pay stubs through their paystub portal account. To access your pay stubs, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the Paystub portal for Bashas’ (see RESOURCES)
  2. Enter your Employee ID and PIN to enter the paystub portal account. First-time user? Complete the registration process by clicking on the Register Now link. Note: Before registering, you must already be paid by Bashas’.
  3. Enter your six digits employee ID, four digits date of birth (mmdd), and the last three digits of your SSN to set up a PIN. Click on Submit.
  4. The following step will be prompted you to set up a four-digit PIN after registering a welcome message displayed on the home page and logging in again with your Employee ID and PIN.
  5. After logging in, the most recent pay stub will be displayed, and you can view past stubs under the “View Pay Stubs” menu.

W2- Information

A paper copy of your W-2 from Bashas’ will be available by January 31. Additional information regarding W-2 forms can be found on the notice board or contact the payroll office.


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  1. Hello, my name is Tracy Tullie. I work at the Chinle Bashas. I am requesting my W2 for 2018. Here is my new address: P.O. Box 474- Chinle AZ, 86503. Here is my email address: My ID number is: 120132.

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