Albany Medical Center Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Albany Medical Center Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

Ancient medicine began thousands of years ago. Primitive people considered diseases and other calamities to be the curse of God, the evil effects of demons on the body, or the evil influence of malefic planets. Later, people improved medicine and used various substances to cure diseases. From ancient times to the present day, treatment has been widely spread in different ways. Albany Medical Center began its journey as a non-profit hospital in 1849 at the end of the Industrial Revolution in the mid-nineteenth century. As time has changed, it has adapted to modern times. It is now the only medical, research, and academic health science center in Western New England and Northeastern New York that provides health care to more than three million people in 25 counties. The company’s journey started at that time without technology, but now all the company’s work has been diverted to modern methods. They have even started the official journey to go paperless, which brings down some costs for any company. Albany Medical Center uses the web-based Workday Employee Self-Service Portal to manage its Payroll and issue Pay Stubs & W2s to make a better paperless office.

Now Albany Medical Center employees must access the Workday Employee Self-Service Portal and receive electronic pay and W2 statements. Let’s see the complete access process.

  • First, navigate the sign-in page by typing or copy-pasting the unique link ( designated only for Albany Medical Center into your browser’s address bar. Albany Medical Center authorities are using Microsoft’s Single sign-on (SSO) authentication scheme to access the portal, which increases the overall security of the portal and protects users’ personal and employment data. In this case, employees can access all necessary applications by signing in through a single account. And this account will be created for all users after completing the registration process from the relevant department (Employer will inform everyone) of Albany Medical Center, and it will provide a username or email and password to all.
  • Additionally, if employees want more security, they can activate Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) along with the Single sign-on (SSO) authentication scheme. After completing the sign-in process, access to the portal’s dashboard will be available only after receiving the authentication code by phone or email and inputting it. And this Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) must be activated during the first login. The first time you sign in to the Workday Employee Self-Service Portal, the System may prompt you to change the password. The System may also require you to store answers to specific security questions based on your personal information.
  • After reaching the dashboard, you will see some icons (7/8 icons according to your arrangement), including personal information, Pay, benefits, time, etc., in “Applications,” and click on the “Pay” icon. After opening “Pay,” you will find “Payslips” and “My Tax Documents” options in the “View” section. In the Payslips option, all your pay stubs will be updated continuously from top to bottom, most recent to previous. In the My Tax Documents option, your W2 statements will be updated in the title according to the tax year. There is a “View/Print” button next to any pay stub or W2 statement document; you can check the details and save them by clicking on it.

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  1. Hi my name is Latoya Mcleod DOB 12/10/1971. I wanted to know if i can get a copy of my w’2 from 2021 emailed to me.
    Thank you Kindly Latoya Mcleod

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