Zumiez Pay Stubs & W2s

As a Zumiez employee, you may like to get your pay stubs and W-2 statements via the online portal. So, thinking about this matter, Zumiez’s authority is using UltiPro HCM (Human Capital Management) web/payroll portal for the employees to get their Paycheck statements and W-2 statements easily. You can also manage your personal information & credentials and know about benefits, compensations, wages, pay history, and tax-related information. A direct deposit option is also available in this portal. From this portal, you can make a direct deposit easily. Within 31st January, the system will generate your W-2 statements and other tax-related forms automatically. Then you will be able to see and download a copy also. If you have not elected to receive your W-2 electronically, you will be mailed your W-2 statements at your residential address through U.S. mail. Besides these, you can fix a goal about your activity, which may help your progress.

How to get access to UltiPro payroll portal

Navigate to UltiPro Login URL: https://n24.ultipro.com/Login and follow the following steps:

Step-1: Initial Login: First, complete the initial login, and you will need a Username and Password. Collect your username and initial Password from your HR or Payroll coordinator.

Step-2: Change Password: In this step, you will need to change your initial password. Password requirements will be shown on the screen, and follow those properly. If you can’t see the password requirements, follow these requirements: (a) Password length: 8-24 characters. (b) Must contain a minimum of 2 upper cases, 2 lower cases, 2 numeric, and 2 special characters. (c) Case sensitive, and no spaces or apostrophes are allowed. And click on the Ok button to go to the next step.

Step-3: Challenge Questions: Now select and answer three challenge questions simply so that you do not forget these. Because in the future, if you want to make any change in your account, then these may need. These answers are case-sensitive. So, Type your answers using lowercase letters only. Then click on Finish for navigating to the next screen.

Step-4: Personal UltiPro Screen: Finally, you will get your information screen. You will find your name and job title on this screen. You will also get personal information, Documents, Company information, Job Summary, and payment-related information like Current Pay Statements, Pay History, Direct Deposit, Income Tax, W-2, etc. By clicking on every option, you can view the detailed information.

*** If you forget your password, then you can regain it with Forgot Your Password? Option from the login page. Here you may provide your user name or User name and Company access code.