U.S. Xpress Pay Stubs and W2s

us xpress pay stubs

U.S. Xpress is the 3rd largest truckload carrier in the United States, whose services exist throughout the United States. The company was founded in 1986 by Max Fuller and Patrick Quinn with 48 trucks. Eric Fuller, Max Fuller’s eldest son, took over as CEO in 2000 Eric Fuller. Although the company started its journey with 48 trucks, it currently has more than 7,000 tractors and more than 15,500 trailers in its fleet and annual revenue of more than $1 billion. Besides, the U.S. Xpress service now extends beyond the United States to the whole of North America, i.e., to the international arena. Having given you some idea about U.S. Xpress so far, discussing the history of U.S. Xpress is not the main topic of this article. The main point is to examine how U.S. Xpress employees can access their pay stubs and W-2 forms. So let’s move on to the vital discussion of this article.

  • How to access Pay Stub?

U.S. Xpress drivers and employees will be able to access their pay statements from U.S. Xpress’s H.R. self-service portal. You will also access other H.R. information during work hours, including the working schedule, W-4, and Benefits Enrollment. So to access your pay stubs, visit USX HR Self-Service and log in with your user I.D. and password. If you have forgotten your username and password, click “Recover Login / Password here” and enter the last part of your name, year of birth, last five digits of your SSN, and phone number, and click the “Submit” button.

  • How to access the W-2 form?

U.S. Xpress uses Tax Form Management services to distribute tax forms to drivers and employees. According to the Tax Form Management policy, every user must consent to access his W-2 form in the cloud or online. Otherwise, according to federal law and tax form management policy, workers are sent to their home address by regular postal mail on January 31 of each year. But if you want to know how to access your W-2 from the Tax Form Management Portal, you can follow the instructions below. This will make the progression of accessing your tax form easier, as the employer code is required to extract the portal designated for U.S. Xpress from the Tax Form Management Web site, which seems a bit difficult to many. For your convenience, I have discussed below the step-by-step instructions with the U.S. Xpress employer code.

  • MyTaxForm Management was formerly known as W2Xpress, but now my taxes management web address is mytaxform.com. So first, you visit the mentioned web address of Tax Form Management.
  • Enter U.S. Xpress’s Employer Code 13872 in the Employer Code box on the Tax Form Management home page’s right side. Entering this code will take you directly to the designated portal for U.S. Xpress.
  • Now, enter your SSN to log in. Then log in by entering your PIN. If you have not established a PIN, then log in with the default PIN. The default PIN is the last four numbers of your SSN plus the number of months of birth, such as 01 for January, and the date of birth, such as only 23 if it is January 23. For example, if your SSN is 123456789 and your date of birth is January 23, the default password will be 67890123.
  • When logging in with the default PIN, you have to verify your phone number and email address, select a few security questions, answer them, and set a new PIN for the account’s security.
  • When the new PIN is set, log in again with the new PIN. Then provide consent to access your W-2 form online. Select the “Receive Form Online” option to provide consent in the “Online Delivery Consent.” And in the next step, read all the terms and conditions of the online W-2 form distribution and snap on the “Accept and Continue” button. The next step is to confirm your email I.D. and phone number and click the “Confirm and Submit” button to receive the notification.
  • Once consent is given, your latest W form will be visible on the landing page after logging in. Also, select the W-2 distribution year for the past W-2. Then download or print in PDF format.




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  1. I need my W-2 corrected, it has OH on line 15, and it should be FL. I have not lived in OH since 2019. Please correct and send me a corrected copy so I can file my 2020 taxes.

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