Tops Markets Pay stubs & W2s

Tops Markets, LLC, is an American full-service grocery supermarket chain in the retail industry. It is such a kind friendly neighborhood store that can fulfill every customer’s demand and save time and money. Since 1962, it has served people with food, pharmacy, and gasoline in the Upstate New York, Vermont, and Northern Pennsylvania areas. More than 14000 employees are associated with serving the people in 168 supermarkets. All the employees have experience receiving the pay stubs and w2 statements electronically via the Accero employee Self-Service portal of SumTotal Systems, Inc. If you are joining this company as a new employee, you can also have these opportunities as well as some other benefits.

How to get access to the portal?

You can get access from the portal’s log-in page quickly through a log-in process providing your Employee ID and Password. Here you have to use this URL: through a network-connected device to reach the login page.

After a successful login attempt, you will be able to access the portal to receive your pay stubs, w2 statements and maintain personal, contact, and other beneficial information.

This is a pre-registered system; you do not need to create an account or complete a registration process. You will be provided a password along with your Employee ID.

Caution: Please, be aware at the time of logging into the portal. Because your account will be locked after five consecutive incorrect attempts for logging in, enter your Employee ID and Password carefully when logging into the portal.

Help: If you are locked out for incorrect attempts, then you can contact Tops System Support at 716-635-5555 and select option 1 to unlock your account. When your account is unlocked, you have to create a new password by clicking the “Forgot your Password?” hyperlink to create a new password to get access to the portal.

W2 Statements: The Tops Markets Company’s payroll office will mail your w2 statements for 2019 on 31st December 2019 at the mailing address that you have provided on your profile. It can be a matter of late till 30th January 2020 if you have changed your address recently. On the other hand, you can view or print the electronic version of your w2 statement from the employee self-service portal by 15th January.


Disclaimer: The Tops Markets and the Tops Markets logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the Tops Markets, LLC.

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