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Residential Services Inc. is such a kind of organization that provides living opportunities and supports those who have intellectual efforts and are in a chronic condition because of mental or physical stultification before getting old. This is a nonprofit organization running with a vision to make the happiest world by ensuring a happy and healthy life for those people. Residential Services Inc. provides detailed pay stubs to the employees via the Doculivery web portal. W2 statement is not provided via an online portal but through a courier service within 31st January.

Getting access to this portal

First, go to the Delivery portal login page of Residential Services Inc. (RSI) at this link: With this link, you will be navigated to the login screen automatically.

Log-In Process:

  1. Input your User ID and Password for logging in to the portal. [Your User ID is your Residential Services Inc. Employee Number, and  in the password field, you have to enter your recreated password after initial login)
  2. Click on the login button.

Now you will navigate to the main screen of the Doculivery portal, and you will be able to view your pay statements.

NB: If you have forgotten your password, then you can reset it from Forgotten Password? Option and follow on-screen instructions.

New User? Please, follow the following steps carefully:

Initial Log In– As a new user or first-time user, enter your User ID: Your RSI (Residential Supports Inc.) Employee Number and Password: Your initial password will be the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN). Then click on the login button.

Change Initial Password: In this step, you have to change your initial password by following the proper instructions. First, enter your Old or Initial Password, then Create your new password following the screen’s instructions. Confirm your Password by re-entering your new password. If you have changed your password, you will automatically be navigated to the main screen or home screen. Then you will be able to manage and view your pay stubs and other information in detail, following specific options for specific information or document.

View Your Pay stubs: If you want to view your pay stubs, click on Pay Stubs. Then you will be able to view a list according to the dates of your pay statements. You can view or download your present or previous pay stubs in detail with Demographic info, Earnings, Deductions, Taxes, Direct deposit, etc.

*** You can set up email or text message notifications in an effortless way with the options located in the right portion of your pay stub screen. Just add your email address for email notification and phone number for text message notification.


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  1. I have not been able to get into my account for the past two weeks to check my pay. Please get this fixed right away.

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