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Raytheon Technologies, rebranded as RTX in July 2023, is a testament to American industrial prowess in defense and aerospace. Originating from the merger between United Technologies Corporation’s aerospace units and Raytheon Company in April 2020, the conglomerate is now headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts. Renowned for its cutting-edge innovations, RTX’s offerings span from integrated air and missile defense to advanced sensors and space-based systems. The company’s expertise also dives into hypersonics, effectors, and pivotal cyber solutions. Moreover, RTX’s impressive portfolio includes aircraft engines, avionics, aerostructures, cybersecurity solutions, guided missiles, and more. Three powerful subsidiaries lie under the RTX umbrella: Collins Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney, and Raytheon. With a significant portion of its revenue streaming from the U.S. government, RTX has firmly established itself as a primary military contractor. Led by Chairman and CEO Gregory J. Hayes, the conglomerate continues to redefine boundaries in aerospace and defense solutions. I will discuss here how you can access your pay stubs and tax forms as an RTX employee.

How to Access Raytheon EmpowerU?

EmpowerU, an innovative web-based platform by Raytheon Technologies (RTX), offers a multitude of resources to its employees around the clock, bridging gaps across time zones. This robust tool, accessible from various devices, including phones, tablets, and laptops, is easily added as a widget from the RTX homepage or directly accessed at https://rtxprod.servicenowservices.com/empoweru.

The EmpowerU platform is an essential hub for Raytheon employees, providing immediate access to vital financial and benefits details. EmpowerU simplifies interaction with health savings accounts, savings plans, and life insurance information from enrollment actions to updates. Moreover, employees can access their ADP pay statements seamlessly, promoting transparency and quickly resolving payroll queries. EmpowerU’s 24/7 availability and rich capabilities testify to RTX’s commitment to employee empowerment and accessibility.

How to Access Raytheon Pay Stubs & W2s?

Raytheon Technologies ensures that current and former employees can easily access their pay and tax statements. Whether you’re an existing employee using the EmpowerU portal or a former employee accessing through ADP, the process is streamlined and user-friendly. Here’s a detailed guide to accessing Raytheon pay stubs and W2s through the ADP system.

For Current RTX Employees:

If you are currently employed at RTX, you can log into RTX’s EmpowerU platform to view your pay stubs and tax forms. The ADP system integrated into this platform makes the process quick and convenient.

For Ex-Employees or Those Without EmpowerU Access:

If you are an ex-employee and do not have access to EmpowerU, don’t worry! You can still access your pay stubs and tax forms through ADP’s website or mobile application.

  • Visit ADP’s Web Portal: Go to my.adp.com to begin the process.
  • Create an Account (for First-Time Users): If you are accessing the site for the first time, click the “New User, Get Started” link. Your user ID will combine specific numbers with your first and last name segments, followed by “@Company Code.”
  • Input the Registration Code: You will need to enter a registration code. If you don’t have this information, please consult with your manager.
  • Validate Your Identity: You must provide personal details such as your name, Social Security Number (SSN), and employee ID. Click “Continue” once this information is entered.
  • Update Contact Details: Ensure your contact information, such as phone number and email, is current and accurate.
  • Create Password: A system-generated user ID ending in “@ Company Code” will be provided to you. You’ll need to create a password to continue.
  • Answer Security Questions: Finalize the registration process by answering three security questions.
  • Grant Consent for Electronic W-2 Form: You can choose to receive your W-2 form electronically. If you opt out of electronic delivery, a physical copy will be sent to your residential address.

Should you encounter any queries or issues, Raytheon Benefit Center is available to assist at 1-800-243-8135.

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