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Quality Dining – The quality of the service is as good as the quality of the company’s name. Founded by Ezra H. Friedlander in the late 1960s as the only Burger King restaurant, Quality Dining is one of the top fast-food restaurant franchises in the United States today. According to the latest data from 2021, the company has at least 160 Burger King restaurants in seven states, 40 Chili’s Grill and Bar restaurants, and 12 Papa Vino’s restaurants in Italian kitchens. Each of the three brand restaurants under the company is glorious in its name and quality. That’s why I praised the company at the beginning of this article, although according to the Mega 99 ranking 2020, the organization’s rank is 48. In other words, the number of restaurants in at least 47 franchises is more than the quality dining. However, these documents are not prepared for comparative discussion, and they will discuss how Quality Dining staff will access their pay stubs and W2s forms.

Employees of Quality Dining’s Burger King Restaurant, located in the states of DE, IN, MI, MJ, OH, and PA, will be able to access the Burger King North Employee Portal. This portal is used to complete the onboarding and e-signing forms for the newly hired staff of the six Burger King restaurants mentioned above, located in North except Florida. So if you are an employee of Quality Dining’s Burger King Restaurant (excluding Florida), visit this web address of Burger King North Employee Portal. At that point, sign in with the user name and password obtained from the HR Office or HR Representative and avail of the benefits.

Quality Dining’s Burger King Restaurant, located in the state of Florida, is designed to complete the entire recruitment process, including onboarding its staff.

This portal is used to complete the recruitment process of the staff of Chili’s Restaurant under Quality Dining, such as onboarding, e-signing, interview, etc. So if you are a recruitment candidate, access the portal per your employer’s instructions.

The Papa Vino’s Employee Portal is used to complete the recruitment process for Papa Vino’s Restaurant staff under Quality Dining.

  • How does Quality Dining distribute pay stubs and tax forms to its employees?

Quality Dining uses an internal web portal to distribute pay stubs to its employees. Employees will be able to access the internal web portal using their own username and password. Employees currently working will be able to access their payroll information from this portal after logging in. Employees’ W2s are usually mailed to their home address on or before January 31 of each year, but if you need to change your home address, contact the payroll office.

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  1. Need W2 Mailed to my Address: Shatara Ivey
    14307 nw 157th place ,Alachus, Florida,32615

    Worked at Burger King in the city of Alachua

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